Friday, September 21, 2007

Tofu, anyone?

So you have probably correctly deduced from my last post that one of my fave things in the world to do is chow down. Well, is catching up with me. Right about the time I turned 30, my metabolism decided that she was sick of me and that she was going to kick up her heels and take a long overdue nap.
In the meantime, I went to the Dr. to get a random check-up, due to the fact I hadn't done that (apart from childbearing) since I was like, say, 6. I received a phone call about a week later telling me that my cholesterol was significantly higher than it ought to be and that they wanted me to alter my diet and c'mon back in in about a month. Thank you v'much, bye.
I am only 32 and I am only about 10 pounds heavier than usual, since my girl decided to fall asleep. But seriously, my diet isn't horrible. I don't eat unhealthy foods, but when I do eat, I eat alot....and at the worst time....late at night. I could go most of the day without eating, but when suppertime rolls around, Gayle puts on the feedbag and doesn't stop until right before bedtime.
So all of that may explain the extra weight, but the cholesterol? I couldn't figure out why in the world it was so high. In the end, I found out that it doesn't really matter how thin you are, if you have rotten genes, your goin' down (or up, in this case).
So guess what? I get to start my very first diet ever on Monday. I have read the book South Beach Diet which was written by a cardiologist for this very reason (heart health), and both Mark and I are going to give it a go. One thing is that I am a HUGE carb freak, and I kinda love sugar, so this is going to be hard. Here is a little tidbit for the equally naive, white potatoes contain more sugar in the end than if you had sat down and just ate straight table sugar....OH!! THE INHUMANITY!!! I super-dee-love my mashed potatoes. However, I am not willing to DIE for them, so I will get over it.
The only reason we aren't starting until Monday, is purely logistical...we have no groceries. So tonight, I am going to a Mom's Night Out, and I am throwin' back, y'all. I am going to kill me some cheesecake and bread like I will never behold the tastes again, and then walk, with my cheeks bulging out and my head held high, down the pathway of Cheerios and fish.
I'll let you know how it goes...:)


Mikki said...

When I was turning 25 all my friends were in their 30's. They had no sympathy for my feeling old at 25. They told me when I hit 30 everything starts changing.

And it so did. My weight hasn't changed all that much but it just sits in different areas now. LOL.

Good luck with the new diet.

I know I haven't stopped by in awhile.. nice to be back.

nsremom said...

yep, turning 30 SUCKED. (is that okay to say?) 'cause it does.

and now I would love to lose 15 lbs, but I also enjoy carbs and sugar.

but I'll cheer you on, that's for sure!

javamamma said...

A couple years ago my hubby and I did the South Beach Diet. Of course we couldn't maintain it but we kept on for a while and I lost all my 'baby-weight' and felt great. I'm a {recovering} sugar-aholic but I made it through with sugar free fudgesicles! Good luck!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh Gayle, I know how you feel about mashed potatoes. I have to limit myself to eating them on holidays only or else I would make them every single night.
Good luck with the dietary changes, I'm there too!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am trying to lose my extra 20, and keep telling myself that i will limit carbs and sugar too. it is not like I have a bad diet, but this bod's metabolism ain't what it used to be! Let us know how it goes. i have done this in the past with good results- when I actually stuck to it. The first 2 weeks are the hardest, but by then you will see results.

Gayle said...

Did you say your first EVER diet? C'mon, that isn't fair!

I remember hitting 30 and thinking, "Uh, Hello gut, where did you come from?" All of the sudden I had to exercise to counteract all the goodies." It was really sad!

Good luck with South Beach. I heard it works really good!

wendy's world said...

Girl, I am soooo sorry! My diet lasted from April til about July (just to look kinda decent in a swimsuit). In case you haven't seen me lately...swimsuit season is definitely over! I'll enjoy the sweets for a little while longer and then start over around March. It's a dreaded cycle, but I look at as sort of "having my cake and eating it too!!!" Good luck with it-keep us posted!

Reformed Grits said...

South Beach works, I have to say, and I say it with my fists clenched and my teeth gritted. I lost the belly fat and recently had my cholesterol tested and it was all well within range, and I'm 34. I hate it for you! The worst part is the first few weeks but after a few weeks/months you do get used to it. You can do it! Oh, and you didn't mean you could actually EAT cheerios, right, bc you know you can't... ;-)

Caroline said...

So you liked the book? haha

The first two weeks are horrible!! As your body adjusts and you get through the will feel a thousand times better!

Green beans actually taste sweet!

By the way, Dove makes some very yummy sugar free candy but don't indulge until after your detox (phase 1)....think of it as a treat for getting through the toughest part.

penny1010 said...

gayle--every week I tell myself I'm gonna do south beach, but somehow my sweet tooth takes over. However, if you get a craving for sweets next week, zap a sugar free fudgesicle in the microwave for like 10 or 15 sec, then scrape it off the stick into a bowl and mix in a tsp or so of peanut butter. YUM!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Hi Gayle-
Thought I'd stop over here to check in with what you have been up to.
I need a diet! But so far (and 40 just around the corner) I haven't had a great reason to attempt to give up anything fun to eat since I am still pretty healthy. I probably should try to make some changes before I NEED to/ But today I am not ready. I could use to lose 10 - 15 myself since I have kept it on sonce having my last baby. And the way.. was totally worth it.
I'll stop in again one of these days. Miss you on HSB.