Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Declare...

Let's talk about muffin tops for a moment, shall we? Yes, I have a memoir that I have been trying to think of since last week (I can't believe how hard I am making this, Gayle), and a really awesome recipe or two to share, but my mind has been hyperfocused on the ol' muffin top.
Do you know what a muffin top is? Well, please let me be the one to enlighten you. It's love handles that wrap all the way around, and it looks distinctly like a, ...well...muffin. top.

So now that I've cleared that up for you, I must inform you that I the owner of one of these. Yep, bought and paid for. Hello, my name is Gayle, and I have a muffin top.
I have been a bit unsettled over the last year or so at how I desperately need to get rid of my muffin top, so I have starved, fretted, crunched (not the food kind of crunching, mind you), sucked it in and even cried (more than anything because I have no will-power). BUT NO MORE, PEOPLE. I am embracing my muffin top. I do not care anymore. My husband loves me and my God loves me, and I love cake, so what-ev-er.
Who wants an AMAZING recipe that will NO DOUBT contribute to that which I have come to terms with? Oh, sweet freedom!


Caroline said...

THIS made me LOL!!




Gotta love a girl that is not afraid of a little muffin top.

Halfmoon Girl said...

clap, clap, clap! This is fabulous! My girlfriend and I were just discussing this and decided the answer was to pull our pants up over top of our roll. Perhaps we can buy a pocket protector as well.

Gotta GROW with it said...

boy do i hear ya! i'm still trying to embrace my muffin top, my rump roast, and my i don't drink beer belly, you name it. i'm with you girl. sometimes you just gotta go with it! and remember you are loved.

so thanks for the sweet advice about my "stalker". i can really let it get to me and spoil my fun. i often wonder if i should get rid of the sitemeter. it can be a killjoy.

and the takes a TRUE blog friend to ask my why in the world i would want to perm! you've read my "i hate hair" post haven't you? i have great hair in that i can make it straight or go w/ the natural curl. i'm way more in the easiness of the curl. but it just doesn't have enough these days. go figure!

wish i lived near you so i could come over and you could perm it for me? or bop me with a fryin' pan so i get this idea out of my crazy brain!

so my hair is chin length and i get your fro picture....ew bad. bad, bad, bad! thanks!

Mikki said...

I don't totally have the muffin top, but I do have a blogger butt.. LOL..

This was too cute!!

Andrea said...

I am about to get my muffin top chopped off! Don't worry though I will still have cottage cheese buns, so we can still hang out!

Emily said...

E-V-E-R is right! you made me smile, and laugh out loud.

WAHOO for husbands that don't care. And wahoo from a fellow cake lover.

crazy that I don't like muffins that much, but carry one about my waist.

Reformed Grits said...

NOT ME! Keep yur ol' recipe. I like being THIN!
But I do have a skin muffin top from 7 babies. What's that, like a skuffin top? I can't lose the skin. But I can tuck it in.
There's a pretty visual.
You are welcome.

Gotta GROW with it said...

Happy Mommy's Day to ya! Soak up those kisses and hugs!

Leanne said...

I'm always ready for new recipes...

So where are they?

And I have much worse than a muffin top...

But my husband loves me too, just the way I am!

Funny post!

Leanne in Longview

Distybug said...

Hello, my name is Distybug and I have a muffin top. Welcome to Muffin Tops Anonymous!

Stacey said...

Happy Mother's Day from one muffin top mom to another! (although I cannot see it, you need a bigger muffin top!) xoxo

carrie said...

yay for the muffin top! I'm glad someone else is trying to get rid of the need to get rid of this thing. It's too much stress for me, I'll tell ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You are too funny!!!

penny1010 said...

Oh, this was too funny!!! I'll embrace mine right along with ya!
I have, however, been using my daughter's hula hoop....I'm getting pretty good at it...but no difference so far. I'll keep you updated.