Monday, August 16, 2010

My Post-Lady Made My Day!

Want to know what makes a homeschooler's Monday morning?

Something about the arrival of the coming year's curriculum ALWAYS makes me almost giddy with happiness. It's just a bunch of books, so that's kinda weird, right? Nevertheless. :)

I guess it's the anticipation of what this year will hold. It's more about what it represents, like another year of teaching and learning together, more than simply receiving new books.

I love homeschooling my children. It has been one of the biggest blessings that God has given to me as a mother. Yes, it has been very challenging at times, but as I was discussing with a friend the other day, the blessings FAR outweigh the troubles. It's kind of like parenting. It's such a hard job sometimes, but I'll take the tough things a million times over just to experience the joy of being a mom.

...Well there's all that AND the smell...

I do love me a good whiff of a brand-spanking new, freshly opened book....

Ok. Maybe I *am* weird. ;)

On a completely unrelated note, and in an effort to keep the blog updated, I'll tell you that things are a little squirrely here in Westie World. The job situation is about as intense as it can be, but I don't really have the time or energy to type it all out. The bottom line is that we have a very good offer on the table and we have to determine whether or not we will take it by Thursday morning. It's another job that is out of state, but has very good possibilities for our family. Yet, of course, we want to make sure that there is nothing comparable here, in our area, first. Prayers are appreciated if you think about us this week. I'll update here after we've made our decision. Thanks!

Hope each of you have a great Monday.


Leanne said...


Long time no see! I think about you allllll the time, wondering what's up in your corner of the world.....

The books look fantastic. Are you going to to a post on what all of them are??

Girlfriend, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be adding your situation to my prayer list. You're on my mind and I'll be praying for ya'll whenever I think of you.

Take care!

seemeblog said...

ooooo aaaaah BOX DAY! I lurv box day!

Hey...I see Streams of Civilization 2 in there...any chance you have volume 1 I could borrow?

And yes, I expect a full report on what all was in that box!

seemeblog said...

uh, that was me above...I don't know why it shows my blog name as opposed to my screen name


Josh said...

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