Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Spiritual Gifts...

I have been nursing a migraine today that started about halfway through church this morning. It has been awhile since I have had one of those buggers and forgot how miserable they can be. I always feel kind of weird for about a day after I have had one of them, and now I am wondering if that is normal? Oh well if it isn't, right? :^)
Anyway, our pastor has been preaching a sermon series on spiritual gifts. Unfortunately, I have only been able to hear 1 (today's) out of the whole series because of vacations, nursery, ect., so I am hoping to get a CD of them or download it from the website since today's was so good.
My question, regarding gifts, is this, though: What about the person who knows what his/her gift is but isn't quite sure how to utilize it? You know, as soon as I typed that last sentence, I realized that the answer is actually pretty simple....prayer.
I was already feeling a little convicted about using my gifts in our local body before this sermon series, so now it is all the more confirmed.
I have always felt as though we Mom's are using our gifts by way of rearing our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. And I know I am preachin' to the choir to say that THAT is no easy task. Truthfully, I am still a little on the fence about just how much we are to give because I think our priority at this stage in the game has to be our family, BUT, as our respected pastor mentioned today, our gifts are usually directly related to the things that we have a passion for, or a burden about. I definitely have that about my family, for sure, but my heart aches for other areas in Christ's body as well.
Here's my deal: I have been the person (as a pastor's daughter) who has worked her tail off even in the places where I had no business being because "there was nobody else". I got burned out in the worst way, and worse yet, I didn't do anything well because I was doing too much (on top of trying to be a Momma of preschoolers).
Through circumstances waaaay to whack-o to go into in this post, we ended up leaving our beloved church. Shortly thereafter, we began to attend the place where we are now. I had to take some time to heal from said circumstances, so I pretty much hid in the background for awhile. But, when I had sufficiently worked through some things, I still didn't want to deal with the "junk" of being knee-deep in ministry again...ever. I would be willing to bet more than one person reading this can understand what I am saying.
But you know what? That is not what God wants for this life. He doesn't want me to hang out and "watch the game" from the sidelines. He wants me in it, playing with all my might, despite my hurts (which have taught me plenty) and my own goof-ups (which have hopefully given me some much-needed humility).
So here I am, this bag of flesh, asking God to use me in whatever way He sees fit. He knows what He has equipped me with and I am open to the opportunities that He places in front of me.
Can you imagine a church full of people who actually roll up their sleeves and jump right in where God wants them to be? Can you fathom the functionality for Christ with a church like that? Just like a well-oiled machine...anyway, that is my prayer for my local body of believers.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...
Have a great day everyone!


Drewe Llyn said...

Hey, Gayle,
It's great seeing you over here. I post in both places. I'll be seeing you around.

Have a great day!

Caroline said...

Well said my friend.

How much is TOO much is what I would like to know?! If you are involved in one ministry and you are very good at it isn't that enough? What about the person involved in ten ministries and like you stated: spread too thin to be effective? My family is one ministry that at times takes up all my energy. As the kids get older I am able to spread myself a little more. I guess each stage in your life allows you to take up another responsibility in the church.

javamamma said...

Towards the end of your post, I see one word -RISK! Is is worth the risk to get hurt....again? And I've come to the conclusion, for Jesus, and His names' sake, YES, I will jump in wherever He needs me. Sometimes I get to use my giftings, sometimes I don't. (Last week's VBS is proof of that - I am NOT a Children's Pastor. But I find there's a special grace to do those things.) Now that my youngest is almost 4. I find that God has put more opportunities on my doorstep and, I don't have much excuse to turn them down.

All that said, I've seen pastor's families 'abused' so I believe God gave you a season to 'hide'. Maybe you're just sensing now that that season is about over. I'm praying that God will show you the RIGHT place for you to jump in and that you find a grace to do all that He's called you too for THIS season!

Sheesh, I hope I didn't just spark another migraine for ya. ;O) (sorry so long)

Cindy said...

Reading your old posts, Gayle, and found this one. It resonated with me. I am heading into a new season with service in the church, and it is unsettling in some ways. Hard, painful, etc.

So I want to know what your gifts are; what your passions are! I just want to know you better! :)