Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Madness

I have been making the concerted effort to maintain some level of order in this home since Summer broke up into our world. Not that I don't adore this sizzling Season, it's just that our days have been...well, unstructured. And truthfully, I wouldn't classify myself as a very structured person to begin with (~ZIP IT~ to those of you who are screaming about that being the understatement of the year!).
Anyway, when there is no direction in this house, it equates boredom, which equates trouble. We have been running pretty much every which way but loose since the beginning of June, with the only reprieve being this week. We have been doing random things as the mood suits us, and any semblance of our regularly scheduled programming has flown the coop. The kids are fighting and whining and I am having a hard time wanting to get out of my p.j.'s.
Soooo, I decided to remedy this as much as possible. We are starting back to, what I will call, "school-lite" on Monday. This may come across as cruel, but I tell ya, this crazy "nothingness" is waaaay more torture, in my book.
We will still head to the pool and all of our Summertime activities, but during those directionless days, we are going to have something to do in the learning department. Besides, when will they ever get 3 months off at a time as an adult? So, that's my plan...
I also wanted to mention that I bought a Bible study for Ty (10) yesterday which he really likes. It's covers the first 6 chapters of Daniel which is studied over a 6 week period with the weeks broken into 5 days (think Beth Moore format). These kind of expository studies seem to be really hard to find in the kid realm. It is part of a series by Kay Arthur called: Discover 4 Yourself: Inductive Bible Studies For Kids. The specific one that Ty is doing is You're a Brave Man, Daniel. Check em out if your interested! I wish I knew how to post a link to Amazon with the book's picture, but I don't, so just click the link.
Have a great day everyone! :)


javamamma said...

Those bible studies look good. I think I'll get a couple for my oldest - what's the age recommendation on them?

Gayle said...

It *says* the reading level would be ages 9-12, but I would bump that back a year to 8 (and maybe even 7 if they were solid readers) if it were me. :)

Drewe Llyn said...

I so understand the wacky summer schedule. My 16 year old said the other day that she's ready for school to start back so we'll be on a schedule. It's just so hard to schedule when you have Bible School, Mission Trips, out of town visits to make, plus DD16 has a part time babysitting job for the summer. Good luck with School-lite. :-). I'm off to check out those Bible Studies!
Have a great day!

nsremom said...

Your family sounds like mine. Too much boredom does bad things around these parts. I have way less fights and arguments when they are kept busy. I'm interested in the Bible study. Give us a bookreport pleas! :)

ConservaChick said...

What is it with the Summer and running around? I'm right there with ya! I think I've burned through enough gas to fuel a small country. Next week, I'm veggin.

A bible study for the kid sounds like a good idea. I may jump on that band wagon! ~Karlie

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh I'm so glad you've moved over here! HSB was really frustrating me to the point of no return!

We also school through the summer, but on a much reduced schedule. The boys still read every day, do three pages of math a week and journal once a week. Nothing over the top, but still keeping their brains from turning to mush!

Caroline said...

Oh thanks for the bible study suggestion. I have been researching this! Great timing!!

I am almost ready for school to begin. I love the structure!!