Saturday, October 6, 2007

How do I get myself into these things?

Have you ever watched "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network? Emily, I know you've got to have my back here...
Anyway, I have always been intrigued with their ability to turn cake into super-yummy art. I have watched them make all kinds of interesting cakes in the shapes of all kinds of interesting things which makes me wonder if there is nothing that Duff can't do?
I am particularly intrigued with this amazing stuff called fondant that they use. I will admit, I had never heard of it before but it, along with Rice Krispy treats, seem to be the stuff that make these cool cakes what they are.
Never being one to just sit and watch, I decided that I wanted to give the fondant thing a go. So, I have decided to make Julianna one of those beautiful doll cakes like the one seen here for her birthday this coming Friday. Lofty goal? Yup. Which is why I decided to try my hand at "something fondant" beforehand.
Presenting my Fall Fondant Cake:

Don't laugh! This was NOT easy, people! First I had to make the problem, I've been baking since I was a young girl. I chose a carrot cake since that seemed to go well with the season. Once it was baked and cooled, I had to level both of the layers...that wasn't too terribly difficult, but it is definitely easier said than done (anyone know any good tricks for getting them even?)
After that is finished, you have to put a "glue" on there for the fondant, so I chose cream cheese icing. At this point, we are still in my realm of comfortable cake making. Next, however, comes the part that looked sooooo much easier when Duff does it. I broke out the fondant.
My fondant was pre-made, but white, so I had to mix all of these icing colors to get what you see on the cake, and the cut-outs. My arms got an amazing workout while I kneaded those colors in until they were evenly distributed. Nice perk I guess, until... the rolling...UGH! It took me forever, but I finally got it rolled out big enough. It started to dry up on me a little, which is why it is not completely smooth. The kids helped me with the fall cutouts and ~Voila~ my very first fondant cake.
Can I just tell you that her doll cake now TERRIFIES me!!! I will post pictures, but you might want to pray for a sister in her time of need.


Halfmoon Girl said...

The cake looks fabulous. I used to make those doll cakes for my daughter. I just got a cheap Barbie imitation from the dollar store, made a cake in an angel food mold, ripped Barbie's legs off (with pleasure!)and stuck her in the middle after I iced it. I used a little baby hair clip to wind her hair in a bun (so it didn't drag in the cake) and put fresh flowers around her waist and skirt to hide the imperfections. So, I am by no means a cake decorator, but it wasn't a hard as it seems- the main thing was that my daughter thought it was beautiful. She didn't care if it wasn't a masterpiece. I will look forward to pics!

javamamma said...

Oh my gosh - it looks amazing. No joke. That stuff (fondant, is it?) intimidates me so much that I've never even thought of attempting it. You're hired for my Choctoberfest in a couple weeks.

KarenW said...

I've done some cake decorating but not the fondant. It looks too difficult! I made my dd a doll cake a few years ago. Turned out good enough for a 5 year old. I used a real barbie with short hair. She was too tall for the cake so I made an extra sheet cake for her to stand on.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Gayle that cake looks great! I've never worked with fondant before, so you are my hero!
I can't wait to see the doll cake, I'm sure it will look wonderful :-)

Caroline said...


This is a gorgeous cake and I bet you can't wait to get your teeth into this thing on the South Beach Diet??

Maybe if you eat it with a steak, nuts and cheese it will all be good. ;-)

Heidi said...

You did a fantastic job~ the cake looks gorgeous! I bet it's yummy too~ I love carrot cake.
I used to decorate cakes~ just took a class at the local bakery back when Ashley was a little one~ then I really got into it~ making cakes for friends, etc. I never worked with fondant, though, just regular icing.
I did a doll cake for my niece's birthday once. I just baked my cake in a mixing bowl and stuck the Barbie down in the cake (I think I did remove her legs first, but I can't remember). I decorated the skirt part with icing designs. It turned out pretty good, and my niece was thrilled with it.

nsremom said...

I got you're so covered.

I am jealous that you tried fondant before I had. I like to know about new culinary things, but I'm a total SCAREDY CAT when it comes to the cakes.....scary cakes.

yours looks professional. Seriously. I'm very, very impressed.


Reformed Grits said...

Good job! Looks great and I bet it's yummy!!!!! I'm sure it's made of chicken, tofu, eggs, and almonds so it's heart healthy, right? (Giggle snort!)

The Bullocks said...

WOW What an amazing job!!! It looks so pretty! I can't wait to see the doll cake!!!!!!!!
How did the fondant taste? Sometimes it is not as good as "real icing".

Mikki said...

You go girl! That looks fabulous. I'm sure Duff would be impressed.

We watch Ace of Cakes all the time. I love all their funny attitudes and that it's set in Baltimore ( some of our old stomping grounds).

You did a great job!

The Milkshake said...

What a beautiful cake!!!

-Tessa :o)

Gayle said...

That is VERY impressive! I've always love the look of nice and neat and smooth. But no way. I can't even get my pie crusts rolled out right. There is no way I could do it on a cake.

wendy's world said...

Seriously, every time I read I think you have to be my long lost sister!!! We LOVE Ace of Cakes! I even want to visit Baltimore just so I can stop by Charm City Cakes!
I am SERIOUSLY impressed with your cake! How did it taste? I've always wondered is fondant just for looks or is it tasty too? We should get together and chat. Too much in common not too!!!!

Cindy said...

WOW! You are now officially the Best Cake Decorator I Know Yet Have Never Really Met. That looks incredible

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Your cake looks wonderful! I just read your comment on Shore Stories about Thanksgiving and it made me chuckle. Thought I'd check out your blog and glad I did.

Sherry said...


It looks so great! I bet you didn't want anyone eating it! lol



Angela said...

Oh Gayle..I SO wish we were closer! I would love to come over and try some more fondant cakes together. When we get home - Sarah and I want to try fondant. CAN'T WAIT!!

The cake looks beautiful. I think you did a fantastic job!!


penny1010 said...

I love that show!!!!!!!
John always says you shouldn't need power tools to make a cake though. :)
You're cake is awesome. I'd never be brave enough to try my hand at that.

Kathy in WA said...

My question - how does it taste? I think those fondant cakes are amazing but I've always been so curious to know how it tastes. Is it good? Is it almond flavored?

Please don't leave me hanging!!

Duckabush Blog

Anonymous said...

Gayle - It's beautiful - bet it was YUMMY! - Great job! - Charity