Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thank You Father

We interrupt this virus to tell you something important: This weekend, before we knew that people would start dropping like flies with illness here, Ty went on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts. I am always a HUGE worry-wort every time he goes, so I spend alot of time praying. I have to tell you though, this time was different even before I dropped him off at our church to meet up with the others.
On the way there, I lectured him on the importance of wearing his seat-belt while en route to and from the campout (it was a few hours drive away), and I told him how much I loved him like 50 times. He even asked me why I was "freaking out", and I told him that I'm a Mom, so I I have the express right.
Fast forward through 2 very cold nights that my boy was only in a mere tent and I was more than ready to go pick him up. When I woke up this morning it was already raining, but by the time lunch rolled around, it was flat-out storming, then hailing, with tornadic activity possible.
Knowing that Mark was barely coherant, I loaded the (also sick) kids up to take them to my Mom so that I didn't have to drive with them in this scary weather to go get Ty (our church is almost a half hour away).
As I was driving to my Mom's, I had such a sense of urgency within my spirit. Such a heavy calling to pray for those boys that it actually moved me to tears (and I am not a characteristically weepy person). So, I cried out for the Lord to place His holy hands around those vehicles as they travel back and to keep all of that precious cargo safe. I actually glanced down at the clock right as I finished praying, and it was 1:06 p.m.. I called Ty's cell phone and got his voice mail, so I left a message saying that I may be a little late because of the weather, but I needed him to call me back as soon as he got the message, so that I would know that he was safe.
I dropped the younger three off and as I was pulling out of my Mom's driveway, my phone rang and it was Ty telling me that he just watched the vehicle directly in front of theirs, which was carrying some of his friends, have a bad accident.
What he went on to describe was terrifying to say the least. The truck that they were in hydroplaned and started to spin out of control eventually hitting a tree and totalling the truck. The boys within were trapped and hurt and rescue was on it's way. He hung up the phone and called back a few minutes later to say that they had to use the hatchet to get the boys out, but that they were out and conscious, by the grace of God. By all appearances, it is a complete miracle that this post is not ending in a much different way.
God protected those boys today. Yes, they are pretty banged up, but they will go home to be with their parents before too long (one boy is still hospitalized at the time of this post due to a concussion and broken pelvis, but the other passengers were released). God caused not only me, but several other mothers right at the time of the accident to stop dead in their tracks and pray (it is completely wild to realize how many stopped to pray right at that time, seriously), and it only increased our faith and awe at His mighty sovereignty. God is so good.
I will ask that you say a prayer obviously for the 3 that were involved in the accident, but also for those that had to watch it. These fellows (leaders and boys) are a very tight-knit group so, needless to say, they are all pretty shaken.
Thanks for praying. I am off to bed. To God be the Glory on this night.


KarenW said...

Praise the Lord that you and the others listened and prayed. I'm glad your little guy is safe. I'll pray for them all tonight.

javamamma said...

Thank You Jesus for the safety of your son and all the others!

Reformed Grits said...

I wondered how Ty was doing. How scary. Thank you, Father!

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Wow, Gayle! That is an amazing and powerful story. Thanks so much for sharing it. It reminds me very much of a book I am currently reading, called "Closer Than Your Skin"~ I'll be giving away 2 copies of it on my blog next Monday~ so be sure to check it out (I'll post a reminder in TGR).
I'm so glad Ty is ok!

Cindy said...

Oh, sweetie, I am crying. And thanking God he kept Ty safe. And that His hand protected everyone from a far more difficult outcome. And that you were obedient to the Spirit's prompt to pray! Our God is so good! Love to you.

Charity said...

Praise the Lord for his mercy! --- Praise the Lord for the gift of Mama discernment you had in knowing to stop and PRAY! - Much Love, Charity

Sherry said...

Oh praise God Gayle. I got chills reading that. God is so awesome and I am so happy to hear that no one was hurt worse than they were!

God is good.


vintagechick said...

he is so good! thanks for sharing such a sweet story, it made me cry! i think it is the little things that make him so real! right there with ya on the throw up stuff. i am the only one no sick right now...

Caroline said...

We are so thankful! God's hand prints were totally on this situation.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Just reading that is a moving experience. I am so glad that those boys were so covered in prayer. God is truly amazing. Hope everyone is doing ok today.

Stacey said...

Thank you Gayle, for sharing that with us. I'm like some of the others, sitting here with chills right now. We already know what the power of prayer is...and what a gift to see it in action. God Bless. xo

Sherry said...

After reading your post earlier, I totally forgot to mention:

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Blessings to you and yours Gayle!


Karen said...

Praising along w/ you that God was watching over those involved......The power of prayer is awesome!!!
Karen (TGR)