Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crazy, Scary Thing #2

I ask you, is there ever a dull moment around here? Let me help you out by saying, NO. No there is not.
So bright and early Monday morning, I was a determined woman. Mark had to head out of town for business overnight, and I was going to make sure that our day/night ran smoothly. We got school done in a swift and accurate way, the house was picked up and all was well. I even took the boys to gymnastics that evening and used the opportunity to reward myself and the littles with a Chick-fil-A chocolate milkshake (Can I just pause here to say OH.MY.WORD....If you have never experienced this new obsession of mine, get thyself to a Chick-fil-A, pronto! Trust me.)
Anyway, I got home, made a decent supper and got all the little dumplings in bed, feeling thrilled that it went so well. I was more than giddy that I would be able to obnoxiously sprawl all over that bed, so I made myself a nest of pillows and crawled in. Right in the middle...and before I knew it I was sleeping like a baby.
Do you get the feeling that something is about to happen? Well, of course it is.
All of a sudden, I am jarred awake by the sound of a massive crash and the house literally shaking. All at once I realize that a pretty serious storm is going on outside, and the power is out.
I checked the time...4:21 a.m., and I go to get the kids out of their beds to sleep in my room while I called the power company to tell them of our outage. I just thought that maybe the big box thingie had been struck by lightning or something.
Well, I was wrong.
When the light of day came, I realized that we had a MASSIVE tree come down in the backyard that took our power line and my peach tree with it. We had a live wire in the back yard....AND it came only a few feet from hitting my boys room. A few feet.
Don't forget the fact that my hubs is 4 hours away when all this comes to my FRANTIC attention.
So anyway, I called the neighbors, the power company and Mark, and before too long, I was out the door to my Mom's, where it was warm. They couldn't get it fixed until late last night, but bless their little overtired hearts, they did it, using the headlights of their trucks just to make sure we had power. My backyard looks like a bomb went off and as soon as I can find the camera's battery charger, I will post pictures.
I am, yet again, humbled and awed at the Lord's protection over this family. There are families all across Alabama today that are dealing with waaaaaay more damage than we are, to their hearts or homes, or both. Thank you Father for your protection, again.

**Edited to add pictures and to say that...YES, Emily! You hit the nail right on the head....I have no doubt in my mind that that's exactly what He is trying to show me. For so many reasons... and I adore Him for it.
This is the view from the boy's window:
This is from my kitchen window:
This is Ty:


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Whoa... when you emailed, I didn't realize Mark was gone during that. Double Yuck!!

I'm so glad you're ok. And glad your wonderful mom is in town to give you a place to go! :)

Caroline said...

Oh wow!

Always something going on at the CREW!

Why oh why do things happen when the hubby's are out of town???

Leanne said...

Girl, the drama you post about would have me pulling my hair out and screaming! Do you scream? Whenever I feel like screaming, I go out in the garage/laundry room/pantry and close the door and let fly!

I feel like crying at the Lord's goodness and care for you, my friend.

Ah, the death of the peach tree though! That hurts me! We had a peach tree in our back yard when I was growing up in CA, yumm-o, peaches right off the tree, warm from the sun, it hardly gets better than that! I miss that taste.

And Chik-fil-A chocolate shakes? We don't have Chik-Fil-A around here, so I haven't had the privilege of indulging in a chocolate shake.

Well, I'm sooooo soooo sooo glad you're safe and your boys are too. I picture God's protection over my home as a large parachute that covers my whole house, set down gently on my roof, and His angels are surrounding my property, face out, backs in, with swords drawn, to ward of evil and calamity....

I pray that for you too, friend!

Leanne in Longview WA

Emily said...

That's freaky! Man, is God trying to tell you something about His power and protection? wow.

Reformed Grits said...

Whoa, Nelly. Did you say you had a milkshake? Does that mean you are not on The Beach anymore?
See you at the pool!


Glad yall are safe and actually I'm being mean because I'm jealous of your big open flat yard and places to play and woods.

javamamma said...

Wowsers! God is so faithful.

Those shakes sound good. Alas, no Chik-Fil-A around here.

SimpleFolk said...

Oh my goodness! As you know, we live in a woods and that is the scariest sound to hear. The same thing happened to us when we first moved in here. A massive tree fell, just missing our bedrooms, and took out our picnic table and swing set. YIKES! I'm so grateful that the Lord protected you and the kiddos. Wish I could take you to get one of those milkshakes--you deserve one, girl!



wendy's world said...

Oh my word!!!! That must have been scary! I'm so thankful ya'll are all safe and sound.
Now....I MUST go try one of those chocolate shakes. HOW did I not know about that?????

Halfmoon Girl said...

I too am thankful that you are all ok. My parents live about 10 minutes from us -it is so nice to have family near by, isn't it?

The Bullocks said...

SO happy you are all OK! Maybe you can go ahead and plant another peach tree in its place.

I have been knowing about the milkshakes for sometime now, but have not given into temptation just yet...your sell was pretty convincing though I may have to swing by CFA tomorrow.

Caroline said...

The pics are incredible!

Mark and the boyz will have fun chopping that thing up! Hey! We will need firewood for the campout... :-D

Gayle said...

So scary! Especially since Mark was gone. Yikes!

Melkhi said...

That is something to inspire some fear and some gratitude all at the same time! I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection over you!

One time someone sped in reverse down a street beside our house, hit the curb, went airborne, taking out our fence, and drove up on the lawn right beside Sophie's bedroom. :-O

KarenW said...

Alabama storms are scary enough. A tree falling?! Oh my! So glad everyone is well. Enjoy those Chick-fil-A milkshakes. They are good!