Monday, October 20, 2008


7:30 a.m.

Me: Jake?

Jake: Yes ma'am?

Me: I need you to wear your good pants to school today.

Jake: Why?

Me: Because it's pretty cold outside and all of your long pants are still packed away.

Jake (who's not into looking "fancy"): Awwwwww, maaaaaaan. Do I...

Me: YES.

~ Exit Jake to change out of his p.j.'s into the dreaded "good" pants. ~

8:00 a.m. (heading out the door)

Me: Jake?

Jake: Yes ma'am?

Me: Don't play football after school today.

Jake: Why?

Me: Because you have your good pants on and I don't want you to get them grass-stained.

Jake: But Moooooom, I promise, I won't get them sta...

Me: NO. No football today.

Jake: Awwwww maaaaaaan.

1:30 p.m. (home from school)

Me: JAKE! What the heck happened to your pants?!

Jake: I dunno.

Me: What do you mean you don't know? Were you playing football?

Jake: Yes (staring at me CONFUSED)?

Me: But I TOLD you NOT to DO that!!

Jake: When?

3:53 p.m.

Jake is almost finished cleaning his room (I suppose he got desperate during his imprisonment). Mama needs a sure-fire way to get out grass stains. Anyone?

Love my boys (even though they are going to be the death of me),


Drewe Llyn said...

I haven't tried it on grass stains, but Oxyclean is the bomb dot com for tons of other things. Make a strong solution and soak the pants in it. Hope you get the stains out!

Tammy said...

I have used the Oxyclean also with good results. I also have soaked things in the sink with a scoop of Tide before laundering them.

I'm glad to know my kids are not the only one with hearing problems!

Maria said...

Spray and wash works if you leave it on overnight. Boys are rough on clothes. I am sure the oxyclean will work as well.

I had to do the same thing over the weekend with a pair of "good" jeans.

Let us know if and how you get it out.

Growin' with it! said...

boys and can we ever think they don't attract! no advice on the stain removers. i gave up a long time ago! ;o)

btw...did he make the touchdown?

Duckygirl said...

I think the Oxyclean sounds like a good solution too but I use Fels Naptha (it's a bar soap in the laundry aisle) it's cheap and works great on stains.

Kids and stains...they just come as a package deal :oP


Just Me'n Mine said...

If those pants are just plain ol' khaki, the light kind, you can bleach them. My neighbor told me that last year, I did it and it worked. (Although I can't rememher if I did that for grass stains - but it worked for everything else.

Oreo is the cutest thing ever in that first picture! I could just kiss her sweet little fuzzy head!

Caroline said...

OH that sweet Jake! What are you going to do with that boy??

He is such a sweetheart. This weekend while camping, he was walking with Walker (5 yrs old) down a steep hill. Jake put his arm around him to help him down the hill....such a tender heart.

He wouldn't have played football if he would have remembered your instructions. I just know it.

Caroline said...

Oh, and I have some of that Fels Naptha stuff (Duckygirl mentioned it) if you want me to try it. I could bring it Wednesday. It works on a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Gayle - Do some of your kids "go" to school? Do you not homeschool them all? - I was a little confused. Cute, story - ummm...because I sympathize and the only SURE-FIRE thing that I know that works is an AMWAY product my aunt used to sell called: L.O.C. --- I have no clue if you can still get it...anywhere. - Charity

Dena @ Green Acres said...

If none of the above work on the pants, try Spot Shot. It's actually a carpet cleaner, but I've used it on clothes for years and it's gotten all kinds of stains out...including grass stains. I swear by this stuff.

Gayle said...

Charity, no we still homeschool, but we do a co-op 2 days a week. :)

Way More Homemade said...

One word... SHOUT!

especially the thick gel kind of stuff in a little tubey kind of thing with a scrubber on the end.

Okay maybe two...


EEEEMommy said...

I had to re-read this post because the first time I read it I thought that after telling him at 7:30am to put on the nice pants, you then told him at 8am that he needed to change out of them since he would be playing football....that's the kind of thing I might do. ;)

And now that I know what really happened, this is the kind of thing that my son would do. ;)

Kay said...

How about Simple Green. When my daughter was younger they had to wear tan pants one day a week to school and everybody raved about it. I have a girl that isn't very outdoorsy so I can't say I've tried it for that... so I'm just passing that along! LOL

Emily said...

could have been me and my kid.

We missed you this weekend. :)

carrie said...

I can't afford extra stain fighters, so I just put extra laundry soap on stuff and use a fingernail brush and scrub it by hand. It usually works.

Sometimes baking soda helps because it's gritty.

Fran said...

Same thing happened over here...
I put every thing I had in the laundry room on those bad boys and the grass came out. HALLELUJAH!

And...I bet he does it again too. :)


Distybug said...

Heloise says try applying rubbing alcohol liberally, then launder as usual.

Had a great time this weekend. You should'be stayed!

call*me*kate said...

I've been using the Spray & Wash stick for years. Rub it on the stain as soon as possible and leave it on for up to a week. If it doesn't come out the first time, try it again. I've had old stains come out this way.

If only it worked on wrinkles and laugh lines.


melissajeffers said...

ok. Here is the best for any stain especially washed and dried uh-oh I forgot that stain was there issues. SHOUT advanced. Blue, small, bottle. THE BEST STUFF EVER>>>