Friday, October 3, 2008

Food, Travel and Getting Your Limbs Cut Off (just kidding)

You know what I just realized? I had you ask me questions for my video, and I completely forgot about it. Let that be a testament to you about how scatterbrained I truly am.

It was Monday night when it hit me that I still needed to make my video, so I pulled out my trusty camera (which you may recall, resides in my purse) and began filming. So much for planning, but isn't that the story of my life as it were? Why yes. Yes it is.

So here ya go:

Robyn, no, we didn't go to the Melting Pot. I had so many folks mention that they were extremely pricey and that the food wasn't really worth it, so we chose the Fish Market....YUM!!

Distybug, yours was a toughie because I could take up 16 posts on the subject of my homeschooling experience. When did I know that I was supposed to homeschool? Oh, I'd say about 3 years into it. :)

I love homeschooling for my family, but I am not someone who thinks that it is the "be all that ends all" across the board. I've seen far too many families flourish in other educational avenues to believe that it's the cookie-cutter will of God for everyone, but, with that being said, it's been right for mine up to this point.

Also, you asked what the best and worst parts of homeschooling are. I will do my best to be brief, which is no easy feat for this loquacious gal (don'tcha just LOVE vocabulary words?!).

Anyway, the very best part of homeschooling is that I get to spend so much time with my kids, forming, shaping and teaching them during this fleeting season of life called parenting. I love to be with my kids (most days...sorry, just keepin' it real), and I love the flexibility that it affords.

The very worst part of homeschooling is that I get to spend so much time with my kids, forming, shaping and teaching them during this fleeting season of life called parenting. ;) Bottom line: I am a flawed human being and those flaws (or shall we say sin?) that I have struggled with for most of my life become excruciating when I see them manifested in my children because of my very powerful influence over them.

God has used homeschooling far above any other thing in my life to prune and teach me. To say that that part has been hard, would be a monumental understatement. Yet, while the process of being pruned has been difficult, I know it's been ordained for me and that it's worth it. AND I believe that since God has used it so heavily in my life, that He won't let my kids be messed up too bad because of it.

Heh-heh. Poor Disty, you probably were meaning for me to simply stick with things like having to cook extra meals or something... :) That'll teach you to ask me a question, huh?

Ok, moving right along, Caroline you asked where I would go if I won an all expenses paid vacay...and the answer is: Europe for like a year (you never gave restrictions!). Why? Well because it would be insanely awesome...oh yeah, and educational.

And the lovely Maria asked what my fave part of Gatlinburg was. Hmmmm....I will have to say our cabin. I really loved that place that was all nestled snugly in the woods. Oh! And I loved our time in the park. Even after all the attractions, the park was my favorite just because it's so incredibly beautiful. When can you expect my return? As soon as possible, my friend, as SOON as possible!!

Well, now that the rest of you are bored to tears, I will take my leave. I have got to go get some odds and ends at the grocery store today. I hate grocery shopping, but I have a great affection for eating so I must deal.

Have a super fantabulous weekend, folks!


Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Gayle...well, your video made a fan out of me! Just wanted to let you know that I linked to my post yesterday. (No, I am not a stalker!) :)

Have a blessed weekend...

ConservaChick said...

I adore your homeschool comment! Really, I think it is such a REAL feeling we all have, but often don't verbalize. The other day I told my husband I was worried that the school was going to ruin my children, and he kindly reminded me that I always felt like I was ruining my chidlren when they were at home with me. HA! At least this way if things go bad, I can blame the school system! Kidding... kind of. ~K

Holly said...

Yay Gayle!! I finally got my sidebar updated, so I can keep up with you. So sorry it has been awhile...I haven't even seen your pretty new blog design. I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

3girlsmom said...

Ok. Melting Pot - definitely pricey. Food = good. Not great. Dessert = pure heaven bliss happiness joy satisfaction. O. My. Goodness.
Next time, go to dinner somewhere & then go there for dessert. Lots and lots of peeps do that.

willblogforshoes said...

Mmm.. I LURVE Fish Market.

PS-- Will you homeschool my kids?

JenIG said...

I'd take a Mediteranean cruise if I had my vacation pick. That would be so sublimely excellent. I think I spelled Mediteranean wrong.

Duckygirl said...

That homeschool quote is great! So true ;)


EEEEMommy said...

Loved reading your answer to the homeschool question! I'd take a year in Europe too, or three! ;)

Lisa said...

Hey, I just posted my recipe in my comments which is pretty much what I listed in my post dumped in a pie shell. Some might be thinking "gross" right now and that is okay. :-)

Where do you live 'cause I am thinking that maybe you could homeschool my kids. Just sending my oldest off to 1st grade has caused a lot more pruning of me than I would like so I can't imagine...


Lisa said...

I am so sorry about the pie comment above. That was totally not meant for you and I bet you are so confused. (yes, I am an idiot). Once I got a random recipe posted as a comment - totally off topic and I pondered that way too long.

sorry! Still want you to homeschool my kids! ha