Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday Morning!

We've had a mild snafu with the aforementioned cookoff photos. It seems that when I handed my darling hubby the camera to take shots of the contest, he thought it would be hil-ar-i-ous to get SEVERAL photos of us putting food into our mouths or chewing, ect., which landed us some pretty goober-esqe pictures. None of which I will be posting here. HA!

Here's one of Ty (in the back) and his friend cooking. They are both pretty soaked! I'm wondering how The Next Food Network Stars would have fared in these conditions?! Hats off to ALL of the guys who worked so hard!

On to other news: It's raining! Can you believe it? It's been at least 10 minutes since that's happened.... hee-hee! Oh well, it's much better than a drought, which is where we were last year. I will say this, though; It's definitely harder to get motivated in the morning when it's dreary outside. It's 20 till 10 and we've barely accomplished anything. It's a 2nd cup of coffee kind of day (month) for sure!

Okey doke, I've gotta get busy,


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Sounds like we are having the same kind of day - as if there aren't a million things to do but play on the computer! Geesh!

Proud of your kiddos for cooking. Mine are limited to Ramen Noodles.

Shellie Jo Jones said...

Hey, looks like they had a lot of fun! I saw the Bayliss photos too and ordered some for myself since I couldn't be there. Looks like the "judges" where having a good time too.

Tara aka T said...

Yeah, today's a pretty sucky rainy day. We're slow moving too.

And what...mouths full of food doesn't count as 'good shots'? Come on Gayle! *snort*

Caroline said...

I will forever love you for not posting the judges pictures. :-) This judge will breathe easier now.

Halfmoon Girl said...

yay, another post- wow! Yes, we are familiar with rain here too, though we have had a really nice summer. I have to admit that I like all kinds of weather, even rain though. I get on my gumboots and embrace it! Looking forward to lighting the woodstove soon and settling in for rainy season. It sounds like you have had more than your fair share though!

Tammy said...

My boy likes to cook! I'm not sure he would in the rain though.

And EVERY day is a 2nd cup of coffee day for me! :-)