Saturday, September 19, 2009

Up, Up, Up, And AWAY!

After morning number 654 of rain, one might become convinced that a thorough study of Genesis for the blueprint of an ark might be necessary. Hmmmmmm....

Today was the annual Boy Scout cookoff, where parents get to come out and taste the fine cuisine that is prepared for them by their sons and company. It's actually a competition that they take very seriously, so they work extra hard to make sure it's good and this year was no different!

I was a judge for the second time and was completely impressed! The toughest part is the decision making process because it's hard to see anyone disappointed. They really do put their hearts into it. We've got a ton of pictures, but I'll save those for tomorrow.

The really cool part is that we had the competition at a local park whose main attraction is a cavern. I can't tell you how beautiful it is up there! This was an old entrance into one of the caves. Keep your eye on the boy...

He has absolutely NO fear.

All the while his brilliant Mama is trying to not throw her hateful camera to the ground and tromp it because it keeps giving me fuzzy pictures, he's just shimmying up...



Until finally, I realize...DUH! It's been raining like crazy for 654 days and he's on a perfectly vertical incline on slippery rock. "ANDREW!"

Thank goodness for Daddy. The original Recue Hero.

Blasted camera.


Caroline said...

Great pics.

Tell Mark there will be no posting any of HIS pics from the contest.

Just a warning. ;-)

And you're my favorite Gayle EVER.

Patty said...

I love the pictures! I would have been a nervous wreck but I would have snapped away on my camera to. :)

It has been raining here for like forever! I'll send you a picture of the ark we made, maybe that will help. ;)
Love you,

Halfmoon Girl said...

We have a daredevil like that too, AND an annoying camera. I liked your pics though- your accompanying commentary of your camera was great.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Ok, so where in the world do you live where it rains this much? I would gladly trade my 100-and-stupid day today with yours.

Plus, I really love dark and gloomy days. I'm kinda odd like that.

Wishing I was rowing along in the ark with ya!

Tara aka T said...

Great, well, the IDEA of the shots...

Dear Mark,

Please get theeself to a camera shop and buy dear sweet Gayle at LEAST a Nikon d40...asap!

She will love you ever so much (more) and her bloggy readers will thank you for improving her posts.

Thank you.

(I got your back girl!)

Tammy said...

That so would have been my girl ever so gently shimmy-ing up the rocks!

And I second the vote for the WC husband to get our sweet Gayle a muy fabuloso camera.