Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Thinking (watch out!)

Do you ever get completely amazed at the sheer amount of information at our fingertips (literally) nowadays? I mean, think about it, when we were kids and we wondered about something, how did we survive without Google? I promise you, I've searched for at least 10 things today (please don't ask me what they were because the randomness would seriously make your mouth go agape).

I mean it, though, when I say that I can't imagine life without internet now because I'm so dependant upon it. I keep up with almost everyone through Facebook or blogs, all important information is passed via email now, and even my shopping is done with the click of a mouse while I lounge around in my jammies thankful that nary a soul can see me... Well, except for my kids... but this will be the least of their issues during therapy over their Mama. ;)

Anyhoo.... You know what I've noticed that each of these *conveniences* take out of the mix? Human interaction. Like real, live connection with other living, breathing people. The kind where you are flat-out LOOKING at them or hearing their actual voice. Yeah, I'm not so sure we were meant to ever get away from that.

I know that we are some of the busiest people on earth, but I swear, putting down this old box to ask the elderly person about the Depression rather than Googling it, or picking up the phone to reconnect with that old friend rather than just reading about him/her on Facebook, or (OUCH) getting out of my soft, comfy jammies to go browse at the mall with someone that I love, that's where it's at. Don't be fooled... this box has nothin' on real life, but it can suck it away if we're not careful.

Conveniences are great, and I certainly won't be forsaking any of it any time soon, but... well... I'm just thinking we don't need to forget to be intentional with the whole human interaction thing, too.



Sarah said...

I wouldn't know what to do without this black box though. I don't feel like I have any friends outside of it!

I have wondered lately what I would do without Google. I'd actually have to talk to someone or go to the library and *gasp* research!

Just this week I realized that by not communicating over the phone or in person how words on FB can hurt because you just never know the tone. I took a break only for a day but should have taken a break a whole lot longer than that.

Um, oops, I just left a really long comment. =)

Emily said...

I'm the exact same way. I feel torn between LOVING the internet and hating it's guts.

like, hating. Wanna punch it in the teeth even.

It's a hard balance and I admire moms who balance it better than I do!

Kristin said...

I agree. When do you want to get together?

Growin' with it! said...

i get it....balance!! i will say for someone who doesn't like to talk on the phone, it is glorious for me to "chat" with people who live so far away. great post!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yup, I agree. I was on trying to deal with a computerized voice on the phone the other day and wishing badly for a real person!