Monday, October 5, 2009

The Post O' Randomness...

Has it been a week already? The first part of the week went much like the picture in the post below except, by Wednesday, it was ME banging my head off the table. :)

On Thursday, we plowed through school as fast as possible and then got the heck outta Dodge for a few hours. We punted all things scheduled and went to the zoo to take advantage of the absolutely AWESOME Fall weather we've been having. It's not usually this cool around Sweet Home Alabama at the beginning of October, so it's been especially nice.

Check this guy out. He was totally wanting me to stick my fingers in just a leeeeeeetle bit closer so he could show me what he thought about me shoving a camera in his face during bath time.

But I just winked at him and walked away. Sorry man. That's the way it goes. Life is hard and before you know it Paula Deen is stuffing you between a turkey and a hen on her Christmas show for the whole world to see. That's the life of a duck in the spotlight, so enjoy the perks and deal with it.

After the zoo, we buzzed by the Dollar Theater. Let me just tell you about our little diamond in the rough if you're not from around here. The Dollar Theater is a cinema that only charges ONE DOLLAR for everyone to see movies that are in limbo, so to speak. They are the movies that have just left the full priced theater, but have yet to come out on DVD. Cool, huh?

We LOVE it and we very rarely go to the full priced cinema anymore because we know that if wait for only a few months, we can get the whole Crew in for a mere SIX bucks. That's not even the price of one ticket at the regular theater.

Now, the reason I call it a "diamond in the rough" is because the accomodations aren't exactly state of the art. It's an OLD theater with carpeting from 1972 and a few chairs that are in need of repair, but I'm not the kind of person that gets my knickers in a twist over that kind of thing.

We saw the movie UP, and we all adored it! It completely made me cry a few times, but it was awesome. We will definitely be purchasing this one when it comes out on DVD! We are thinking of going back this week to watch the latest Ice Age before they take it off of their list. It is taking everything in me NOT to go to the regular theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, though. That was my favorite book when I was a little kid and I've been looking forward to this since I first saw the previews.

Have any of you seen it? I heard it was completely different from the book, but still good. Do you agree?

I've got to get my girl to piano practice, so I need to sign off! Hope you're having a great Monday.


Caroline said...

I have been wanting to take my kids to see Ice Age too....let me know when you go. Yes, the theater is just plain Yuck...but when they turn the lights off and you are watching the can't see the carpet or chairs. ;-)

Hope you have a marvelous day at piano lessons!!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

We missed Up, but plan on catching it this winter on video during family movie night.

We saw was cute, loved it, in fact, but worth the wait for the $1 movie.

Our $1 movie theater is now the $3 movie theater...hate that!

Leanne said...


Love the reference to Paula Deen!

We used to have a $1 theater here, but it went out of business, sad....

Up was fantastic, I saw it twice and cried soo hard both times! Great show!

Sounds like a good day! Love your posts.

Melinda said...

We just went to the zoo, too! Loved it!

I miss ye old dollar theater, as the one we used to go to closed! What? 1 dollar per person isn't enough to run a theater? I'll pray the same demise does not befall your theater.

And I totally cried at UP. It. was. FAB.

Love you...are you coming to LPL Memphis?

Tammy said...

I cannot wait for Up to come out on DVD!!

And I'm a bit jealous on the dollah movie theater.

Halfmoon Girl said...

A dollar??? Awesome! Nope, we haven't seen it- will wait till it comes out on dvd. We laugh or groan in these parts as there are two movie theaters here. They are half an hour away from each other, in 2 different towns, and often, they show the exact same movie at the same time... Needless to say, we just don't get some movies here at all until they come out on DVD!

DaNella Auten said...

Hey where is that theatre?

the Provident Woman said...

I love the zoo. We have peacocks that just wander around. They like to block the side walks and puff up their feathers so the kids are afraid to walk by them. It's actually kind of funny.

Emily said...

I can't wait to see UP! btw: you should take some sound of your daughter practicing her piano....and post them here!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Love the dollar movies!! We have a drive in here that is ten bucks for a car load... LOVE IT!