Monday, March 15, 2010

Are We There Yet? How Much Longer?

Happy Monday! It's Spring Break in our neck of the woods, but not for the Crew. We are plugging on through because we took some time off in February when we seem to naturally hit a wall. S.B. is typically one of the best weeks for schooling that we have because all of our outside commitments are cancelled. Plus, going somewhere is a nightmare because there are usually hundreds of people with the same idea. And this Mama? NOT a fan of crowds! Man, I'm getting ornery in my old age. :D

Nevertheless, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO ready for school to be over for the year. It's been a good year for us... I'd say great, even... but we're all just ready for our Summer vacation! I can't wait to wake up and head out to my deck without freezing my patootie off. I long for the smells of grilling out and freshly mown grass. I'm ready for colors to return to nature again; brown and gray are getting a bit old. And the pool... oh, the POOL! Nothing screams Summer like the sight of waterlogged kids who only break to get *nutritionally refueled* with a freeze pop. You know, the kind that turn their whole mouths blue?

Yep, I'm ready! Only a few more weeks, right?


Leanne said...

Me too....I'm ready for bright, warm days and leaving the windows open wide to catch that breeze...

Glad you're having a good year.

Here's to the soon coming of those good grilling smells and the scent of new mown grass!

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm ready too! Although since last year we had something like 87 days of over 100 degree temps, I'll stick with May and the first half of June!

We're on spring break this week too. My boy's on an international mission trip and the girl and I are just taking it easy.

Emily said...

I'm totally DONE with cold and wet. Although it's been nice this year so far for us Washington folk.

I crave those aforementioned blue freezy pop days. ;)

and running around barefoot, and no school and lots of picnics. :)

Tammy said...

Meeeeeeee tooooooooo!

Ruth said...

Hi! Gayle~

I can't wait for school to be over for us either. All of the above sound delightful. Can't wait for nice weather and definitely some color. We definitely do not need more rain here, either after our terrible flooding.


AUCaleb said...

I can't wait for summer break and pools either. Only problem is that one week of school feels like one month of it, but I guess I have to deal with it, at least it's worth it in the end.