Thursday, October 15, 2009

Solar Powered

So, it's 10:30 in the morning, and awfully quiet in my house. When I went to check on my hard-working student who was supposed to be plowing away at Science (his favorite subject), this is what I found:

Don't think that the light on his knee is the real deal though. That would be artificial illumination in all it's glory. NO SIREE... no real light here, peeps. We haven't seen the likes of that big orangish-yellow ball o' fire in far too long, I'm afraid. Therein lies the problemo. Something about dreariness during the day acts as a mild sedative for some of us (see above... HA!) which isn't exactly helping the old motivation toward productivity.

In conclusion, I'm letting my boy sleep... you know... to avoid hypocrisy.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Thinking (watch out!)

Do you ever get completely amazed at the sheer amount of information at our fingertips (literally) nowadays? I mean, think about it, when we were kids and we wondered about something, how did we survive without Google? I promise you, I've searched for at least 10 things today (please don't ask me what they were because the randomness would seriously make your mouth go agape).

I mean it, though, when I say that I can't imagine life without internet now because I'm so dependant upon it. I keep up with almost everyone through Facebook or blogs, all important information is passed via email now, and even my shopping is done with the click of a mouse while I lounge around in my jammies thankful that nary a soul can see me... Well, except for my kids... but this will be the least of their issues during therapy over their Mama. ;)

Anyhoo.... You know what I've noticed that each of these *conveniences* take out of the mix? Human interaction. Like real, live connection with other living, breathing people. The kind where you are flat-out LOOKING at them or hearing their actual voice. Yeah, I'm not so sure we were meant to ever get away from that.

I know that we are some of the busiest people on earth, but I swear, putting down this old box to ask the elderly person about the Depression rather than Googling it, or picking up the phone to reconnect with that old friend rather than just reading about him/her on Facebook, or (OUCH) getting out of my soft, comfy jammies to go browse at the mall with someone that I love, that's where it's at. Don't be fooled... this box has nothin' on real life, but it can suck it away if we're not careful.

Conveniences are great, and I certainly won't be forsaking any of it any time soon, but... well... I'm just thinking we don't need to forget to be intentional with the whole human interaction thing, too.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Post O' Randomness...

Has it been a week already? The first part of the week went much like the picture in the post below except, by Wednesday, it was ME banging my head off the table. :)

On Thursday, we plowed through school as fast as possible and then got the heck outta Dodge for a few hours. We punted all things scheduled and went to the zoo to take advantage of the absolutely AWESOME Fall weather we've been having. It's not usually this cool around Sweet Home Alabama at the beginning of October, so it's been especially nice.

Check this guy out. He was totally wanting me to stick my fingers in just a leeeeeeetle bit closer so he could show me what he thought about me shoving a camera in his face during bath time.

But I just winked at him and walked away. Sorry man. That's the way it goes. Life is hard and before you know it Paula Deen is stuffing you between a turkey and a hen on her Christmas show for the whole world to see. That's the life of a duck in the spotlight, so enjoy the perks and deal with it.

After the zoo, we buzzed by the Dollar Theater. Let me just tell you about our little diamond in the rough if you're not from around here. The Dollar Theater is a cinema that only charges ONE DOLLAR for everyone to see movies that are in limbo, so to speak. They are the movies that have just left the full priced theater, but have yet to come out on DVD. Cool, huh?

We LOVE it and we very rarely go to the full priced cinema anymore because we know that if wait for only a few months, we can get the whole Crew in for a mere SIX bucks. That's not even the price of one ticket at the regular theater.

Now, the reason I call it a "diamond in the rough" is because the accomodations aren't exactly state of the art. It's an OLD theater with carpeting from 1972 and a few chairs that are in need of repair, but I'm not the kind of person that gets my knickers in a twist over that kind of thing.

We saw the movie UP, and we all adored it! It completely made me cry a few times, but it was awesome. We will definitely be purchasing this one when it comes out on DVD! We are thinking of going back this week to watch the latest Ice Age before they take it off of their list. It is taking everything in me NOT to go to the regular theater to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, though. That was my favorite book when I was a little kid and I've been looking forward to this since I first saw the previews.

Have any of you seen it? I heard it was completely different from the book, but still good. Do you agree?

I've got to get my girl to piano practice, so I need to sign off! Hope you're having a great Monday.