Monday, July 19, 2010

Review for Travel the World (June Module for TOS Planner)

Good Morning Friends! You may remember that I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd be reviewing some homeschooling products for The Old Schoolhouse this year? Well, we've had our first product for a few weeks now and we've really enjoyed it!! I was surprised because I really thought my kids would balk at doing schoolwork during the Summer, but once we got into it, they really did like the content.

We received the June Module for the The Schoolhouse Planner. From what I understand, the Modules, which are published monthly, come as an add-on for the Planner but they can also be purchased separately. They are basically supplemental unit studies in the form of an e-book. Honestly, I didn't think I'd like the e-book format, but I was wrong. It is fully printable because it's a PDF document (so if you are a fan of the hard-copy like I am, you've got that option), but surprisingly, I didn't feel the need to do that. It was very easy to read and there were several clickable external links available which made me happy just keeping it on the computer.

Speaking of links, this module was titled Travel the World which means that it was all about geography. Here is a picture of the children playing a game from a link provided which helped them solidify what they learned about latitude and longitude:

They really enjoyed this game!

There were several printables available as well. My children range in age from (almost)14 down to 7 and there was everything from coloring pages and easy lapbooking activities for the youngest, to challenging word searches for the older ones.

I was thoroughly impressed with the plethora of information and activities that we had access to for the price (I received mine free in exchange for my honest review), but this is something I would have purchased for my Crew, hands down.

Some of the things we covered were: the definition of geography, the features of a globe, what the earth's "axis" is, latitude and longitude, hemispheres, and all of the major bodies of water and the continents. It was chalk FULL of information... I can't say that enough! It was perfect for a Summer learning diversion.

Here is a rundown of the specifics if you want to check this out:

Item: Travel the World (June Module for TOS Planner)

Publisher: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

# of pages: 56 (in e-book format)

Price: $7.95

Age Range: It is stated that it's meant for all school-aged children (K-12), but I would say that those from grades 4-8 would benefit most.

My Overall Rating: I give this one 4 stars out of 5. Like I mentioned earlier, you just get so much information for the price. If you were purchasing this as a book, it would easily sell for over $20.


Denise said...

From the Homeschool Crew here~ I enjoyed reading your review and look forward to looking through your blog! I thought I was following everyone, but keep finding those I am not following. :) I am now following you.

Unknown said...

Sounds great! Geography is one thing we have never found a program that I just *loved*, but this sounds really good.

Just Me'n Mine said...

Thanks for the review Girl! Sounds like a great tool. You've got me interested...

Lori Watson said...

Well, we're off! The TOS Crew adventure has officially begun. :-)

Good job on the review, just want to mention that the modules complement the The Old Schoolhouse Planner but are a separate purchase whether you own the planner or not. The Planner itself has a theme for each month and the modules go along with the theme, making it a really cool option for unit study families. But obviously, the planner and modules can be used on their own.

I had reviewed the planner but never seen a module until last month (or whenever it was we got this one!), so this was a fun review!

Caroline said...

Sounds great! I can't wait to try it!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I am supposed to be cleaning windows right now, but popped over to check your review out, as I have never used their material. I will pass this info onto a girlfriend who is wanting to do world geography with her kids this coming year. Thanks, Gayle.

Catherine said...

Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Great job! I love the shot of all of the children around the computer.

Blessed Beyond a doubt.... said...

Loved your review. The pics of your children were great, too.

Look forward to sailing with your this year.


Leanne said...

I guess I'm not familiar with TOS. I mean, I think I used to get the magazine, but let my subscription lapse.....

I'm not clear on what a Module is and I'm not clear on how you would do this Module thing. Is it a disk? And do you buy additional disks? Call me thickheaded, but I just wasn't clear on it. Do you get to print worksheets out?

I actually am intrigued by this way to do geography. I love that it has something for a wide variety of ages.......I just need to know more about it.

Can you email me with more details for thickheaded people??

Thanks, and good review!!!

john john said...