Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fresh Air

I have a well established routine around the holidays. Starting about mid-November, I get all nostalgic and I begin to deeply miss my Northern-rooted climate. I just don't think that I will ever-ever get used to 70 degree Christmasses when I have experienced genuine white ones for 19+ years of my life. It just aint gonna happen. However, come December 26, I am right back in love with my Sweet Home Alabama and all it's warm temps.
I have been lying around like the Queen of the Heifers for far too long, so today with our forecast of 60 be-yoo-ti-ful degrees, I loaded up 3 out of 4 kids and headed for the closest mountain. We packed up our backpacks and hiked the smallest trail to the top. Once we arrived, we hung out at the conservatory for about a half hour before we made our descent. This little guy here is quite the hiker!

I have to tell you that it was high time that I get this heiny moving because I was starting to feel AW-FUL! I know my carb/fat rich holiday diet has been wreaking pure havoc on my body and to make matters worse, I haven't moved an inch without an exorbitant amount of protest for the last week (at least). It is pretty bad when you can't even sleep at night because of how much you have lounged around all day. Or that my muscles hurt probably due to under-use, and my head was pounding because of all the TV/movies that I have mindlessly watched. Yuck, yuck, yuck!
Oh, and don't let the last post fool you. THAT was the exception.
Anyway, we all decided to come "unplugged" today and it was well, well worth it (Mark and Jake went on a hunting trip today too). There is just nothing like God's creation to renew mind, body and Spirit.
Happy New Year Friends!


Emily said...

what a mightly little hiker you have there! LOVE it. My family is the crazy snow hiking kind, so he'd fit right in.

and I'm right with ya on the laying around and eating everything in sight. It get really gross after....oh, a week of it! haha. And mindless t.v. and stupid games. My mind is feeling like mush. School MUST start on Monday. :)

Wish you were coming with us. I think you'd be a nice addition to our wild party.

javamamma said...

That looks way fun! Around here, it's just gray snow and ice from weeks ago. It'll probably be around 'til April. I like a white Christmas but I'd like the 60 degrees Jan. 1st!

Anonymous said...

too funny about the trampoline. i posted about sneezing in Dicks Sporting Goods a few weeks ago with the same results. Yikes, getting old is scary.

we've had warm temps in NC (visiting parents) but LOTS of rain. i'm so ready for my own bed and my own stuff. we've slept in the floor and on the couch for too many nights. i'm ready for some warmer SC weather!

EEEEMommy said...

I'm with you! The extent of my outdoor activity has been standing shivering in the cold while coaxing the puppy to hurry up, or trying to get her to chase me around the yard to help expedite the process. Hardly counts. We went ice skating Friday and it felt so good to get that kind of fun exercise!
I wanted to apologize for not commenting sooner. You really blessed me a couple of weeks ago on my "some women but not me" post, and I never said thank you! Please accept my belated thanks!
Grace and Peace,

Gayle said...

The fact that you can go outside right now causes great envy. We are in the middle of the rainy season and I would drown if I went outside.

Halfmoon Girl said...

We needed to get out the other day for some fresh air- too much eating. I will be glad to get back to some routine. Tomorrow I am back to exercising and am going to try to detox the sugar out of my system!