Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Growl..Snarl...Rant, Rant!

This past weekend, my kids were all vigorously playing outside while their Daddy fought the evil tree that eats chainsaws. Apparently, they spent a significant amount of time in the woods because this is what they looked like yesterday when they woke up:
This is not my child. I tried to get pictures of their rashes that nicely cover each of their faces, but the rash wasn't really showing up enough to adequately demonstrate how nasty it is, so I gave up.
Naturally, I called my pediatrician right away (read: first thing in the morning) because I knew that Prednisone was in order (we have "been there, done that" a few times already). I left a message on the nurses' voicemail, otherwise known as the black hole, and I waited....and waited......and waited, until 4 stinkin hours had passed and I never heard anything back. So I very nicely called the front desk to check the status of my call (as my kids are itching and whining) whereby they put me on hold. For 10 minutes. At that point, they come back to let me know that "call volumes are high and they will get to me when they can", so she took down my info again and we cordially hung-up.
So I waited....and waited.....and waited some more, until around 8:00 p.m. when I decided "ya know what?, I don't think they are going to be calling". That was the point when I got frustrated.
I love my pediatrician. In fact, I have used him ever since Ty was 3 (meaning he has had all of my others since infancy). He knows my kids and he takes great care of them, but I can never seem to get in when my kids are sick, I never get a return phone call in any *reasonable* amount of time, and they have to schedule well-appointments almost 6 months out. Is this normal? I don't know if I will feel better or worse if you say yes, truthfully.
Anyway, I called them again first thing this morning and I explained that they never called me back yesterday, so I got put on hold again. When she finally came back, she told me that she was handing the paperwork to the nurse as soon as we hung up and that she would call me right away. 2 hours later, she called. I am still waiting to see if the prescription will be called in or not. GRRRRRR!!!
By the way, we are treating the kids with some over-the-counter stuff that will temporarily relieve the itching that's so miserable. So, what would you do?


Halfmoon Girl said...

I don't know what I would do differently- I guess you could have hauled them all into your doctor's office- maybe they would have helped you faster! We are fortunate here to have quicker access to our doc- they recently changed to same day bookings- if I call in the morning, I know I will get in that day- and if I say it is about one of my kids, they get seen quickly. I will pray for some relief and help for the kids! This sounds very frustrating!!! Thanks for your kind words over at my blog today. I have been hit with the flu with hubby away, and it was nice to read your comment!

ConservaChick said...

I called my doctor last week and said "I think I have strep, when can you see me?" The receptionist replied "hmm, we are out until next Tuesday." My reply "nope, I'm coming in today, I'll just hang out in the office until he's available". Suddenly an 11:00 slot opened. My advice? Get pushy like the old people! It's the squeeky wheel that gets the oil! ~K

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

Honestly, I'd be looking for a new doctor. We had a similar situation with our pediatric practice and it's extremely frustrating when you can't get ahold of anyone. I eventually had to have the girls' records transferred to our family doctor~ where we take them for all appointments now. I can get through to them when I call.

Leanne said...

Benadryl. OTC cortisone cream. LOTS of water....

And get a new doctor!

I'm so glad you popped in and decided to post a new entry! I was chewing my fingernails in anticipation every day, waiting to see if you had posted or not...well, I wasn't chewing my fingernails for real, but I WAS waiting!

I personally do not think that scheduling well checks 6 months out is taking great care of kids, nor do I think that waiting is a sign of a good doctor...

Like I said, get a new doctor. I'm mean like that!

Leanne in Longview WA

javamamma said...

Seeings how we don't have a family doctor, I have no advice. But I do feel bad for your kiddos - yikes.

KarenW said...

So sorry for your dilemma. I hope everyone is better soon.

Stacey said...

Oh you hit a nerve, Gayle! I think everyone can relate to this scenario! I finally moved my kids to a general prac doctor and don't seem to have so much trouble. Hopefully as you read this they are well! xo

Fee said...

Your story has touched a nerve in a few mommas! When you need help...where is it?
I don't live in your country, so I can't give much suggestions there... sorree!

But.. great to meet you.... you or someone in your family takes beautiful photos!!!!

penny1010 said...

I had a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. Twice in one week, they were unable to see my sick children---once for ear infection and once for strep throat. I told the nurse how ridiculous it was, and when I actually got to see the doctor, I very nicely told her that I could not continue to bring my children if they could not be seen when they were sick. I voiced my complaint, she apologized....if it happens again, I'll probably be switching pediatricians. My advice to you---find a new doctor!