Monday, March 31, 2008

Connecting with my inner pioneer...

Alrighty then...
Got to have a good freak-out post every once in a while, huh? What makes me smile is that each of you picked up on the fact that this chick desperately needed to get the heck out of Dodge for bit.
In a pre-planned (read: Providential) Cub Scout camping trip, we loaded up early Friday morning and headed to Far-Far Away. It was breathtakingly beautiful there. I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous retreat, but the most awesome thing of all is that cell-phones were so far out of range that there was NO CHANCE of getting a phone call at 4:30 in the morning packed full of DRAH-MA.
I TRIPLE DOG HATE DRAH-MA. And that's all I will say about *that* because we had nary a bit of it this weekend.
Well, except for when my big warrior man got in touch with his wild side and killed a copperhead snake with a rock. ~sigh~ That just does something in a woman when her man saves the children in such a primitive way. After we were sure that he was good and dead, we fished him out of the river and put him on display for all the impressionable little Cubbies to see. Because that's what warrior princesses do when they are proud of their man (this ain't Girl Scouts, y'all). My good buddy Caroline has some awesome pictures that will be posted at some point either here or on her blog for your viewing pleasure.
I want you to know that we thought of you, bloggy friends, as she was holding my arm which was keeping me from plunging to my certain death (of a heart attack) into the river on top of the snake. We knew good blog fodder when it was given to us, and we were willing to sacrifice life and limb to provide. You're welcome.
Until then, here are some other pictures from our excursion in the great outdoors:
This is where I had my quiet time yesterday






**By the way, I can't see the toolbar at the top of my page to add links and pictures, ect., and I have no clue why...Anyway, here is Caroline's address, but you will have to copy and paste the old fashioned way:


Halfmoon Girl said...

Great pics Gayle! Glad you got in a time of refreshment! I love camping, but I DO NOT do snakes. No Way.

Leanne said...

Refreshment is wonderful!

And let's talk about DRAH-MA!!! I've got 5 girls....need I say more? Plus add me to the equation...


Where's my refreshment???


Funny post!

Leanne in Longview

Emily said...

I think our husbands would get along. My man would be profoundly impressed that your man killed the snake w/ a rock. He'd want to inspect it as well, or poke it, or whatever big boys do.

And I love the kid nature pictures. They're awesome.

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog. Sometimes I just cringe at being open, other times I let it all hang out. It helped to have other bloggers come over and tell me that I'm not a freak and they still like me. :)

Andrea said...

How on earth do you kill a snake in the water with a rock?
I'm confused...but proud!
I've gotta see the pics.

SimpleFolk said...

Hey Gayle!

I've been missing you! We need to catch up, soon. :-)


Caroline said...

I did it! I did it! I posted the snake pics.

Even though it gave me the hibby jibbies just looking at it again.


vintagechick said...

you girls are crazy! but brave!!

His Girl said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog- it's so cool when Christian sistahs support each other- and I'm glad to have one more :)

hey, LOOOVE your snake story! I'll be back to read more!

Distybug said...

We had a great time too! I love being too far away for the cell phone to work!