Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the little children come

First, an update on the post below, and one other thing: The kids were put on Prednisone that evening and they are feeling much better. I am planning to speak with my pediatrician face to face the next time we have an appointment, and then we will just see how it goes from there.
Also, I am going to be scarce for a little while around the world wide web. We are hitting a pretty busy season (Oh, blessed Spring!!), so I must be a good steward of my time. If you need to, you can reach me via email because I will be checking that regularly.
In the mean time, we have had an extremely eventful week. They were all good events, though! The most blessed one of all was the baptism of Ty and Jacob last Thursday. Did you catch that? It was on a Thursday. And to be even more unconventional (because that's kinda the way we do things), it was done right after our P.E. class.
Over the last several years our family has been so very blessed to be friends with a homeschool Dad, who is also a Children's Minister, who also does said P.E. class in all of his spare time. He loves the children God has given him to minister to, but more importantly, he loves his Father and it his passion to connect the two. He has done a great job. My boys have learned so much from Mr. Jason, so we knew that even though he isn't on staff at our own beloved church, we wanted to give him the honor of baptizing our boys.
We also felt it very important for our boys to have their friends be a part of this meaningful milestone in their lives. However, being that many of their friends are scattered throughout different locations of The Church, we knew that Sunday would be almost impossible.... so after P.E. it was..... and let me tell you, God shows up and blesses unconventional, too!
From the moment Ty (who went first) entered the water, all 30 kids were not content to stay in their seats. Not in any way irreverent, they all rose to their feet and went right up to the pool, surrounding it, to show support to their friend. It was a sight to behold and not one adult in the room could keep from tearing up. After all, isn't that the way Christ calls us to be? They applauded and congratulated Ty and Jacob when they came out of the water, and they weren't even afraid to get wet when they hugged them....which they did, because they were genuinely happy for them. I felt like I learned a thing or two from these kids on Thursday. A lesson that I probably only could learn by watching.
Along with the immeasureable rejoicing of my heart over my boys' public proclamation of faith, I became freshly aware that God isn't glorified in our inhibitions when it comes to worship and love. I was blessed enough to see a sweet glimpse of what He meant when He said that we are to be childlike in our faith and that the kingdom of Heaven is made up of "ones such as these". What a treasure to hold within my heart forever.

Jason and Jacob
Jason and Ty


Mikki said...

How great! What a joyous thing to Celebrate!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, that got me all choked up! Hurray for your boys- may they continue to follow the Lord all the days of their lives! Kids have a lot to teach us about how to come before the Lord- I loved how you described the children supporting your boys. Amen!

Leanne said...

What spoke to me was when you said "God isn't glorified in our inhibitions". Now that hit home....I'm such an inhibited person!

The baptism of our kids is such a great thing....thanks for sharing it with us and letting us in on it!!!

Well, we'll see you around, I guess.....don't be surprised if you get an email from me when I feel you're too scarce!!!

Leanne in Longview WA

Under the Sky said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.

God *is* good to us, isn't He? I rejoice with your family!


Angela said...

Oh what an incredible memory, Gayle! "God is not glorified in our inhibitions"...Very good my dear, very good indeed.


javamamma said...

My two oldest were baptized last their preacher daddy. It's a glorious moment in a mamma's life to watch her children declare their love for Jesus!

wendy's world said...

This is precious!!!! Abby was baptized 2 September's ago by her grandfather (my dad) and her daddy.
It was quite moving and memorable!Praise the Lord!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

YEAH!!!!! So sweet.
So happy for you all.

The Bullocks said...


The Bullocks said...

It should read and hope the water WAS not too cold

Gayle said...

Yup, Mark was definitely there! He took the day off work so that we could make a day of it. :)

Stacey said...

Gayle this is a fantastic post--I'm going away with a smile on my face and a glad heart for you, for your boys, for all of you. Wow.

Now go do what you have to do, I find sometimes I need to be absent a little bit too, and I figure my good blog friends will check in from time to time! xoxo

Emily said...

welcome brutha!(s)

Now we're family. :)

EEEEMommy said...

What a beautiful post! I love that the other kids were so excited! :)

I understand the need to take a bloggy break. Recently, I've had enough time to post, but not so much to read and comment. When I get a minute, I go catch up with someone. I refuse to apologize or feel guilty for that. There's enough pressure in life already without being pressured to blog more often. :)

Caroline said...

It was an extra special day!! We were thankful to be there.

Don't you just love perfect days??

Charity said...

What a BLESSING! - What a wonderful memory to share with your family! - Love you, girlfriend - Charity