Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day Short and A Dollar Late...er...Whatever.

Apparently, I have this deeply seated need to make a monstrous donkey out of myself, so here I go again:

Oh wait! For the record, this is Leisl who came up from South Alabama to take care of her Daddy after his surgery. You can read all about that on her blog, though. I have to say here that posting this video is going to cause her to want to beat me to death, but it captures a TRUE outing to Starbucks, so it had to be done. It was in the rules, I think. I hope you weren't expecting too much:

Anyway, tell my girl, Leisl, that we ALL think we look and sound completely retarded when we do this (some of us actually ARE, though) yet we do it anyway. Not that it's going to help. I'm so dead.

Just so you can rest assured, Miss DeeDee did, in fact, make a spur of the moment trip to meet up with us at almost 10 p.m. How much does she rock?! Alot, I tell ya. ALOT. She has already trekked (and survived) this homeschooling road, and she has been a pastor's wife and women's ministry leader for many years in our city, so we pretty much sit at her feet.

Seriously, I LOVE these two gals a ridiculous amount. Go check DeeDee out here and please participate in the poll that she is taking for a really great marriage conference that she and her hubby are leading.


As you may or may not be aware from the post below, this little "video blog" was quite the undertaking for some unknown reason. I mean, I had just uploaded one less than a week ago, but this video wouldn't work to save (what was fast becoming the end of) my life. Have I mentioned how much I love my laptop? Well...

I feel strangely compelled now, to remind you that: Mark + Gayle = 4ever
I don't really love my laptop. Pshaw! Ok, well maybe just a little....

Anyway, let's close this freak show with this:

How 'bout them eyebrows, huh Linda? Can you say "woolly mammoth"?! :D

OH!! For more GREAT videos head over to Linda's, but not the Linda above...ummm...just click here: I See What You're Saying


connorcolesmom said...

Girl you are FUNNY!
I m laughing my head off over here and it is almost midnight :)
So what is the deal with all the video posts - everyone seems to have one up today - was it a contest or a promo
I am so out of the loop :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh my gosh. Watching you was just so awesome- you are cute and perky even when you don't want to be- but not in a bad way. I cracked up at your laptop video- very funny! I thought it was even funnier as after my 5 hour battle with my video, I ended up in a white t shirt/night shirt with my hair in pig tails just like you! Great to see and hear you again- you are so pretty when you laugh! (not that you aren't at other times.)

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

You are hilarious! Who told you not to be perky? I'm gonna go punch 'em.

Way More Homemade said...

Well, maybe the two of you need a nice date night or weekend retreat to mend the fences. Does your church have a conference or counseling the two of you could attend together?

You absolutely CRACK me UP!


Growin' with it! said...

YAY...GAYLE MADE IT! so much fun seeing you the second time around. especially lovin on that laptop. how about you just video blog everyday from now on. its so fun hearing your laugh and seeing your expressions.

well, sleep good my friend. it HAS been a long day. and a GREAT day at that!

what better way to end it than with your video.


oh, almost forgot...no comparisons on the eyebrows chica. i still hold the ugly crown. thanks for trying.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, you are a riot! I want to come to Starbucks with ya'll next time. :)

Glad you got your video uploaded, so sorry your laptop relationship has been strained.

carrie said...

I loved every minute of that.

dang! why do you have to live so far away!!!!??

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh Gayle, You. are. my. girl. How I loved these videos. My husband even had to come over and watch yours because he remembered you from the promo. We heart you. Thanks for going "on location" and for being you. What's with this, "no perky?" We love perky! Anyway, you are just great, and I'm like Carried (I'm pointing up now, like you did in the promo video ... "whatevah") --I wish you lived close by. Blessings on you, sweet friend. Linda

DidiLyn said...

Maybe they have that music blaring at the 'Bux like that because they don't really want you listening in to other's theological discussions.
That's the conclusion I finally reached after hours of lip reading, leaning awkwardly, and listening intently while sipping my doubleshots.
Loved your vlogs very much.

Kristin said...

Girl, you so crack me up! I think you need to take your laptop, or at least Mark, to see the movie Fireproof. It is awesome!!

DeeDee said...

OK Girls! I love it - Just wish I had gotten to Starbucks early enough for the video!!

Just Kidding!

But thanks for the shout-out!

Also glad that you and the computer have settled the problem...

Love you gal!
Have a wonderful day!
Sweet Blessings,

DeeDee said...

OK Girls! I love it - Just wish I had gotten to Starbucks early enough for the video!!

Just Kidding!

But thanks for the shout-out!

Also glad that you and the computer have settled the problem...

Love you gal!
Have a wonderful day!
Sweet Blessings,

Cindy Swanson said...

I'm telling you, Gayle...I would watch a video from you EVERY DAY. I seriously want you to have your OWN SHOW. You're pretty, entertaining, funny...in short, a natural.

Have you gotten an agent yet?



Rachel said...

That was great! I thought you and Leisl were adorable! Sorry but you were very perky, and I thought it made your post so much funnier that you did not want to be perky.

It was nice to "see" you!

His Girl said...

Gayle, seriously. You are so adorable in every possible way. You are by far one of the cutest & funniest girls on the planet.

mad, mad love from His Girl.

Duckygirl said...

Great videos, I'm so glad you were able to get these posted! I'm in agreement with many of the other commenters, you are super cute and funny!


EEEEMommy said...

You are so fun! :) I really enjoyed your videos! :)

Greg C said...

That one really cracked me up. You looked so serious. I tried something like that on my first take but I busted out laughing so I had to start again and change the subject.

Sara @ Butterville said...

I am so glad you got your videos up. You are such a sweetheart!
I love the coffee breath thing. Too funny!
Blessings to you.

Emily said...

You'd be like the QUEEN of a slumber party. I loved your videos.

Just Me'n Mine said...

Ahem.....you are goin' down my Girl!
I want royalties. And next time, if I am ever so foolish as to be in the same room with you and a video camera, I want a warning something like this: "Oh yeah Leisl, whatever we do on this, its not a practice run, this WILL be publicly displayed for the whole wide blogosphere!"

I will be contemplating my payback.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Too funny!! I saw your trial-run you did that Linda posted and I was anxiously awaiting the real one. You didn't disappoint. I'm going to follow you, hope you don't mind.

Ruth said...

You are just too funny. I can't begin to tell you how much I was laughing.
I am glad that you have made up with your lil ole computer.

Reformed Grits said...

WHAT were you REALLY drinking? I don't think you were at Starbucks.

Secondly. That second video JD watched with me and he was VERY confused. I tried to tell him you were joking but-- you know when you are 10 it's just not funny.

Third. Wow. I have no words for those 2 children in the wedding photograph.

Patrice said...

You are too funny!! I enjoyed it...way much!

skoots1mom said...

love it...funny
come visit anytime
wish i looked this good on camera

have a gr8 rest of the week!

Becky said...

That was great! I love your forbidden relationship with your laptop. You are crazy... in a good way I love it!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Girl.You are too funny.
I think if I tried to do something like this my DH would think or find out - that I have to much time on my hands.. LOL.

NOT saying you do.. this is a great gift of funniness that you have to share.

Can't wait to see the next episode.

Kim said...

Ibid on all the other comments. LOVED your videos! You truly are a natural.

Anonymous said...

You are just. so. not. right!