Monday, June 14, 2010


Sometimes, I admit, I get envious of my hubby who gets to go out to lunch on a regular basis at upscale restaurants with customers or suppliers or whatever, because it's part of his job description.

But then on days like today, I realize, upscale restaurants or not, my lunch companions are 1000% more entertaining. You just never-ever know who's going to join you at the table around here, folks.

And that makes the Chef Boyardee ravioli not only bearable, but more delightful than lunch anywhere else on this planet. :)

Happy, happy Monday!!



Mocha with Linda said...

When I saw your title, I thought it was a Flag Day post!

Michelle said...

love it! such a handsome little fellow in his camo

i get a little jealous of david's lunches and dinners too at all the fancy restaurants. when i think about it .....i would just love an hour all to myself! ha!

KarenW said...

How fun!

My husband eats out frequently too. And a lot of places give him 50% off.