Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All the rest

I am sitting here throwing back some Limited Edition Candy Cane Oreos (thanks to Linda's shout out of these most blessed of all things) and I started thinking about how this ol' internet has done wonders for bringing out the inner-foodie in me. The cuisine in this household prior to the world wide web and Food Network was lackluster to say the least. But now....oh now....I've reached new heights in my mediocrity.

I can barely think of making something before consulting allrecipes.com and I can't even speak of how much I idolize The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Incidentally, never have I made anything from either of these two places that I didn't completely adore. In fact, I'm changing up my side-dishes a bit for Thanksgiving this year, and I realized that many of my recipes are coming from either of these two sites.

To prove this, I give you my menu:

Deviled Eggs - Mark and the fam love these things.

Apples and fruit dip

Veggies and Ranch dip


Stuffing - remember, we're born and bred Yankees around here.

Stuffing balls - this is some crazed family tradition on my Mom's side that everyone raves about. But me? Not so much. However, this is coming from somebody that thinks Whoppers are the most disgusting candy ever made, so I'm willing to be the weird one. It won't be the last time I'm called that, for sure.

Mashed Potatoes with the Works

Whiskey Glazed Sweet Potatoes - I know, I know, the recipe calls for carrots, but I want to try sweet potatoes with it. It's purely experimental, so we shall see. Plus, if it bombs, we can medicate with the leftover alcohol. Just kidding. Kinda.

Green Bean Casserole - I have tried and tried to change up this archaic recipe, but it usually causes full-scale revolt, so this year, I am leaving well enough alone. Durkee onion, here I come (gagging, but nevertheless....).

Gail's 7-layer salad - Oh my word. PLEASE try this. I don't know who Gail is, but she rocks a 7 layer salad, y'all. (One thing I do different, though, is spinach in place of iceberg, and black beans instead of pinto...just personal preference)

Cranberry Sauce - I grew up with the canned stuff, and I still like that, oddly enough, but this...this, is worth forsaking my roots. The only change I make is that I add orange juice (just cut back on the water) instead of an orange. The peel can make it a little bitter.

No Knead Rolls - Julianna and I will work on these tomorrow.

2 pumpkin pies - using a pumpkin puree that Julianna and I made in mid-October. Cross your fingers.

2 pecan pies

1 apple pie - sinfully delicious recipe that my Grandma used to make. Seriously, it should be outlawed because of all the calories, but so should calorie counting on Thanksgiving, so there.

All of these will have homemade whipped cream to go with it.

Lots of sodas, cokes, pop or whatever you call them, iced/sweet tea, and Mulled Cider (a.k.a. Wassail....makes the house smell good AND tastes awesome).

See what I mean? That's alot of links, people! I love me some internet food. :) Hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. I am certainly counting YOU as one of my blessings.

Much love,

P.S. I can't tell you how much your comments in the last post ministered to me. Thank you, sweet friends.


Mocha with Linda said...

That is tooooo funny! I thought you had linked to me because I had blogged about those Oreos the other day! Are they awesome or what?!

Must be something about the name Linda a magnetic draw to such decadence. . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!!

carrie said...

I absolutely hate whoppers.

and I absolutely love your menu. Are you cooking all that? wow. I'm making everyone bring something. I have only a few things to worry about: mashed potatoes, jello poke cake, homemade rolls and the house where everyone's coming.

I made some paper chain leaves. And I have to clean the toilets. Yeah, I'm rambling in your comment box.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I am all over the candy cane Oreos! Unfortunately after a few (boxes) I'm afraid they will be all over me, specifically my hips and thighs!

javamamma said...

I really want to try the new Oreos. Then again, maybe I don't....

Your menu sounds yum-o. Maybe I'll post mine. I love allrecipes. I don't hardly EVER use a 'real' cookbook anymore.

KarenW said...

Sounds like a great menu! I'm not so sure about the Oreos. I guess I shouldn't say anything negative without trying them first but I have very strong opinions about Oreos. Why ruin a perfect cookie? Oreos should be oreos and that's it. No chocolate covered or strange colors and flavors on the inside.

OK, I guess I should keep my opinions to myself : ) I'm going to check out your links and think about trying some candy cane oreos. . .

Growin' with it! said...

ahhh but have you tried crushing up those infamous oreos into a bowl of vanilla ice cream. its on my "to do list". :o)

ya know gayle....i knew i loved ya and now that i understand your love for food, well that explains it even more.

what a great post to get us all in the mood for this week. hmmm!

allrecipes has been a great faithful to me. my latest is recipezaar.com happy eating!!!

ladolcevita6 said...

Those oreos are especially yummy when dipped in chocolate...delicious! :)

Nancy in CA

Halfmoon Girl said...

Ok, you and all your commentors have my mouth just a watering! Stuffing.....mmmmmm...

JenIG said...

the whisky glazed sweet taties sound awesome. i love sweet potatoes.

anyways, i just wanted to come by and high five my fellow bosom grinch friend.

Tammy said...

Just had the peppermint oreo experience here at my sister's house. I noticed the stamp on the side "Made in Heaven". Somehow I think they would be good for making a "grasshopper" pie and substituting the regular blah oreos. :-)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week and enjoy your yummy menu!

Kent said...

Oh why did you have to tell about the oreos??? They are my weakness. Have you tried Chick-Fil-A's new peppermint chocolate chip shake?? Divine! have a blessed Thanksgiving----I will never understand the stuffing--only dressing will do for us born and bred Southerners.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to one of my favorite bloggers. Blessings on you and your fam, sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Whoppers are indeed gag-a-fying!

My kids recently won a box of candy cane oreos from Trader Joes. Didn't try them yet... Santa will get first dibs!

May God bless all your Thanksgiving preparations.

Much Ablog About Nothing said...

Hello there my friend. I love your blog. I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting for something else to happen to the Westovers. Sometimes I still laugh myself to sleep thinking about those chicken-n-dumplings on the motorcycle dude.

Gotta go get me some Oreos!
Miss you much!