Monday, August 20, 2007

I Hate Grocery Shopping

Am I the only woman on the planet who detests grocery shopping? I put off this loathsome duty in the worst way when it comes time to stock back up. I mean, I am pulling out the powdered milk to drink while giving the kids crackers and ketchup for lunch before I finally will break and go do the dreaded deed. I don't know why in the world I hate it so much. I used to actually like it, but boy, those days are gone.
Perhaps it has something to do with how rude people will park their buggy right in the middle of an aisle as they leisurely peruse the canned peas for 10 solid minutes while blatently ignoring the fact that you are standing there, stuck, until they finally decide to move a few inches to the pasta, just to begin the scene all over again.
Or, hey, how about the associates who obviously hate every single person alive? May the Lord help you if you need something because He is your only hope in finding it, since they cannot be bothered with helping such a plebian as a customer.
But you want to know what my favorite part of the shopping experience is? It is the torture chamber otherwise referred to as the checkout line. You know the place, it's the one where you get hemmed up on all four sides with all of your children who are whining and fighting unmercifully.
It's the place where you are surrounded by candy and instant artery clogging beef jerky and easily breakable toys and chapstick while unable to move, for 30 miserable minutes as your ice cream (the only redeeming quality of the whole trip) creates a sticky puddle on the floor.
It's the place where, at the end of your time there, you are presented with one of said snooty associates telling you that you owe them some exorbitant amount of money as you realize that you didn't even get all that you really needed. No, I take that back. The best part of all is the hard cold fact that you will, indeed, be back here doing the whole thing over again next week.
Do I just have some terrible intolerance issue? Because I am feeling a bit like Bette Midler did in the Stepford Wives. I really do love to cook and take care of my family and Lord knows I love to eat, but girls, this part just reeks to me...and I didn't even mention the issue of running into the 50 million people that I know and feel obligated to chat with or hauling the whole lot into the house only to spend an hour putting it away....Ok, I will stop.
Talk to me here.


InsertWittyBlogHere said...

I just had the most peaceful shopping experience I've had in exactly one year.

The kids are at grandma's house for their yearly stay. :-D :-D

javamamma said...

Have ya tried shopping without kids? It's easier. ;o)

Actually, I don't mind the shopping part. I don't really enjoy the menu planning or the making a list part...which is odd because traditionally I'm a planner. BUT we often shop in a smaller store in a farm community - less people and they are generally nicer....sometimes.

Heidi said...

Oh, I hate it too!
Hence the reason why I started making a list for 3 weeks worth of meals, and we go only about every 3 weeks. We've been going to a store that doubles $1 coupons, and I get really excited when I get things for free or next-to-free.

Between big trips, Brian will just pick up whatever we need on his way home from work. I love that!

Ruth said...

I completely agree. I do not enjoy going through the store, filling up the carriage, emptying it, paying for it, filling it back up again, bringing it to the car, unloading it into the car and then the house, and last but not least putting it all away. I am tired just writing it all.

nsremom said...

I don't hate grocery shopping....if I can do it without kids.

with four kids? It's just like you said. :)

without kids? I just like being alone. And you're right about people acting like they hate everyone alive, yet they're working as a sales associate. What's with that?


Anonymous said...

Dear Life With My Crew, I looked at your blog via the LPM blog. Your cute pic drinking something steamy got my attention. I (living in Michigan) am so with you on the grocery shopping. Why oh why do people LOSE there peripherial vision in the isles of the grocery store escapes me. They drive vehicles that require that skill but in the grocery store people seem to be in a vegitative state. Thanks for blogging about this...there really should be a public announcement over the speaker in every grocery store reminding customers of proper grocery store there's an idea.

Anonymous said...

I hate Grocery Shopping too!!
So much that I wait until we have nothing left in the house to eat!! well, almost nothing!! LOL and it doesn't matter if I have the kids or not, they are old enough to leave at home but I still HATE going!! Of course, maybe the fact that I don't like to cook doesn't help matters either!! LOL

Pam from TGR

Sherry said...

Gayle, I'm sorry, but I love to grocery shop. However, I do not love to grocery shop with all the kids! I usually just take one with me and leave the other two at home w/ hubby.

The whole leaving-the-cart-blocking-the-aisle-thing does annoy me a whole lot too. I usually huff loudly, swing my cart around and go in the opposite direction. Or, if I'm feeling like a good Christian, I wait patiently and smile. (I have also been known to nudge their cart with mine after repeatedly uttering 'excuse me')

So -- I do get what you are saying!

I use lots of coupons, get things super cheap, and go to many, many stores.

I always let people in front of me who only have a few things in their carts.

I also go very early when it's not crowded, if that is at all possible!



Catherine said...

I don't mind grocery shopping, but I do get irritated when I have to hit several stores to get the best prices on everything and it ends up taking 2334598345 hours. But I can't think of very many people who enjoy it!

I've started a business where I send people a box with groceries, recipes, and a suggested meal plan, so all they have to do is cook. No more chasing down the cheapest prices or fighting through crowds. I aim more for the maybe-pricier organic food, but it is fairly cheap here in California so it is still only $40 a week or less per person, which I hear a lot of people spending on regular groceries no matter where they are. I figure it's better for everyone to just have the people who don't mind the grocery shopping do it. You should check it out :)