Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Precious Pups

Amanda, over at the LPM blog, asked us if we would share a picture or of our pets. I realized, to my horror, that I have never posted about our beloved girls on this blog!
First, let me tell you, I am a huge dog-lover. Cats...well, not so much. But I have always had an insane affection for our canine companions. They are just so, I don't know... loyal and sweet. I remember always trying to bring home strays when I was a little girl. No one could ever figure out why they would always come around our house, but I am guessing that it had something to do with hidden stash of food that I gave them. My Grama used to say "If you don't feed them, they will go away." Well that was all fine and good, but I didn't want them to go away, so I logically deduced the opposite to be true, and it worked. Imagine that. Oh, and just to be fair to you cat lovers out there, I fed them too.
This is my Millie:

This dog couldn't simply couldn't be any sweeter. She is just the most precious puppy who stays at my feet at all times. Unfortunately, she was bitten by none other than a neighborhood cat a few months ago, but she's doing fine now.
Did y'all know that cat bites have some funky bacteria in them? One more reason why I don't just adore them.
Anyway, Millie is already 5 years old so we decided to give her a crazy little sister about a year ago. Cuz, you know, we didn't have enough chaos in this house.
This is Oreo...and that is my flip-flop that she is sitting on if that gives you any indication as to her size. She may be small, but....well, let's just say, she ain't like her sister. She is as buck-wild as they come, but she has our hearts nonetheless.
We are an animal loving Crew around here. We have had everything for a pet in this house except for a cat. That isn't because I can't stand them (because truly, I love all animals alot, cats are just not my faves), it is only because Mark is deathly allergic. I mean, throat closing up kind of allergic. Not good.
Soooo what kind of lovies does your family have?


Momma Roar said...

Hi Gayle - I am so glad you commented today - your second comment made me chuckle and no, you aren't out of line, lol!

With this comment "On the other hand, some folks just really enjoy bringing others down in order to build themselves up," I think you totally hit the NAIL on the HEAD. That is the reason I think my sister does this to me! You have a cute blog here and I hope to come back and read more - I've gotta add you to bloglines! Again, I am so glad you commented today!!
Leigh Ann

Ruth said...

I can relate to your husband. I am deathly allergic to cats and yet people in my family still have them. My eyes swell up until I look like Disneys' hunchback. It's really a sight. It's not fun when you can't breath either.