Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Too Hot to Handle - Anything..

It is supposed to be 103 degrees here today...and it is every bit of that!!! I don't even want to know what the heat index is (what it feels like, as opposed to what it actually is...they go by that 'round here because of insane humidity level).
We had our Support Group Leader meeting today and it was stressful, just because I had to try and corral my Crew when so many other kids were acting rowdy. The behavior of those other kids was offending the people that run the school, but their moms didn't seem to care. Of course, my kids (mostly Andrew, who is only 4) couldn't understand why I wanted him to sit still and be quiet when all the other kids were causing trouble. They were so loud that you could hardly hear what the speakers were saying. People were turning around and staring and was miserable...and it lasted for two solid hours. Don'tcha just love when things like this happen?!
I came home, told all the kids to find a quiet place and to leave me alone for awhile...hee-hee! So you know what happens? One of them clogs the toilet and the water starts overflowing allllllllllllll over my bathroom floor.
Remind me how we are supposed to be having a meek and quiet spirit again...please! I was more like the pea-soup spewing crazy person that was on that weird movie...Ha-ha (by the way, this is maniacal laughter)..
Anywho...I am off to rest my aching head...I will post something positive tomorrow. ;)


javamamma said...

Yeah, it's way hot and terrible humid here too. Thankfully I have no meetings to manage kids at and we are staying occupied in the air conditioned house.

Hope you have a better day overflowing toilets!

nsremom said...

oh man, the overflowing toilet topped your morning? Been there.

Many, many times.

and it's hard to see other kiddos acting up and the moms looking at them like their little darlins. Yep, it happened at VBS for us this year with the son of a VBS teacher. The other teachers wanted to ring his neck. BUT...I think she was a single mom, and hey, at least she brought her son to church and was doing her best.

(I'm trying to be more positive lately, as I'm a notorious sarcastic!)

Gayle said...

Isn't bad behavior contagious? Sometimes you just can't fight the lure of the rowdy kids. It makes it so much more difficult...and embarassing, but it happens.

But the toilet too? Can't a girl get a break?

Sounds like chocolate time.

The Bullocks said...

OK it is Thurs at 11:07...Where is your positive post? ;-)
Just teasing! I couldn't even phathom homeschooling 4 of my kids!!!!!!!!! Bless you for doing it!

penny1010 said...

My car said it was 110 degrees yesterday, and let me just say that my attitude seemed to get worse as the temperature rose. I was so irritable yesterday! It's just too hot to have the baby and the girls outside, so everyone is bouncing off the walls over here. I just keep reminding myself that it will be fall in a few more weeks. Of course, for us, that just means that it's 70 or 80 degree weather instead of 104!

Melkhi said...

I hope things start to get better for your sister!

Several years ago, I took my turn teaching in a homeschool PE co-op. I couldn't expect the kids to behave, because their mothers (required to be there) wouldn't be quiet and listen to me.