Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive...

Emily is having a Baby Photo Contest over on her little corner of the net. This is the only picture that I have in digital format of me as a child, yet it still has a funny story behind it. Are you surprised?
This is me and my sweet little brother. My haircut looks suspiciously boyish because the ringlets that Emily requested were snipped off just prior to this picture. By him. The one with the insanely cute face. On the right, just in case you were having trouble identifying me, the girl.

While I love this one, there IS a better one. One that meets every single one of Em's point criteria (okay, except macrame...dear heavens). But I have to find it.
I am henceforth on a mission, hopefully I will be back. Until then, fine bloggy friends I bid you adieu.

**Edited to add***

Ok, I couldn't find the picture I was looking for. Big bummer because it was one of me screwing up the entire family photo due to the fact that I had gum in my mouth that I was vigorously chewing WHICH apparently I couldn't do with my eyes open. Oh well.

Here are a few more that I could find. Check out that groovy stroller! How 'bout those knee-socks with the bathing suit? See, I told you I love me a good pair of socks.


Emily said...

what cute dimples!

and the story along w/ it gives you extra points. :)

thanks for playing.

javamamma said...

I knew it! You've been a cutie since birth.

Emily said...

the knee socks totally ROCK. you're so stylin'.

Gayle said...

See, you were even a trendsetter way back then.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You look like a doll in that stroller pic. Very cute.

MaryLu said...

Too bad about those ringlets, I'm sure they were cute.
Love the kneesocks!

penny1010 said...

Great pictures!! I was the third child so I have like one picture of me as a baby.
Man, that stroller is a hoot! We have it made these days with our compact strollers that fold up with a push of a button!

Constance said...

Gee, my brother tried to drown me, yours just threatened you with scissors? What is it about brothers? This has been fun seeing everyone's pictures.

carrie said...

I had a stroller like that, too!

Lovin the socks. Classy.

ConservaChick said...

Look at you with that blond hair! Oh, and I live your last outfit! ~K

Anonymous said...

Gayle they are cute pictures!!
Love and Hugs,