Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Drug of Choice

Well, the Westie's have a nasty cold sweeping within our midst. Thankfully though, I have not harbored any of the germies in my body....yet.
This is so not my favorite season of the year. Other than this being the prime-time for sickness, I am truly a solar-powered gal. That means that all this winter gray can get really depressing if I don't take a few extra precautions.
The main thing that I do is go to a local healthfood store and get a really awesome mega multi-vitamin from the lady who owns the place. Do you want to know how this woman convinces me to spend moolah on her "perfect" product? Ok, I'll tell ya.
She is like 587 years old and she is still kicking....hard. Alright, she is really in her 90's, but I am serious, you would NE-VER know it. She is one of the most *driven* salespeople I have ever met. Usually that gets on my nerves, but I felt so bad when I finally went to her last year, that I was willing to deal with it.
I have come to find out that her drive is actually passion because this vitamin really has made me feel better. To put it further to the test, I have been without it for almost 2 weeks now and I am really feeling sluggish. So I am heading to purchase my fix tomorrow.
Now, who is willing to do my laundry while I wait for it to work its way back through my system? I need help. It's bad. And I am sinking. Sinking without socks, no less. OH THE HORROR!


Gayle said...

Oh yeah, I meant to add that the Beth Moore study that I am doing is Daniel...and it is AWESOME, of course.
AND, my van is silver. I will get pictures up, Emily.
On that note, I am probably going to have to re-do my entire template because I haven't been able to add a page element for a long time, thus, no updated pics on my sidebar. I guess I *could* go into HTML (using all the knowledge I accumulated from HSB), but it's so time consuming....can you hear the little violins yet?

Scott said...

Oh my.
I'm super curious about your upper, I mean "vitamin."

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Yeah, what is this wonder drug? And do I have to smuggle it up from the U.S. or what?

Leanne said...


I treasure and dearly need your words of encouragement and sympathy, and I'm deeply grateful for your prayers for me in this tough season we are dealing with.

It's not over yet, physically. I think I am entering the next phase, the phase that will end this agonizing wait.

Thank God for His graciousness and mercy to my body...I know, a weird thing, to be thankful of that at a time like this! But His hand has been resting on me heavily, due to your prayers and all of my other girlfriends prayers too.

Yeah, tell me about special supplements! If I don't get my super mega vitamin (actually a prenatal) twice a day, you can kiss Super Mom sayonara! I used to take supplements in a packet, like muti, fish oil, calcium, but it had way too much Vitamin A if I were to get pregnant, so I had to go off of it, the clinic where I got it refused to send it to me. Period. So I had to search for another supplement, and found it at my naturopath's office, for $25 cheaper! And it helps me have energy and sleep well and be just jovial! So I get it, about the upper!!!

Okay, I love that you posted again, been waiting for a new post from you, dear friend.....and now waiting for pics of that cool van. If I had a van like that I'd have to strap some of the darlings to the roof!! You know, 6 kids and all!

Take good care of yourself and get a good immune booster with elderberry in it, okay?

Leanne from Longview WA

Cindy said...

YEAH! You posted! :)
What is up with your template?? Why can't you add an element?

Oh... Daniel is SO good. I should go back and do the first part again; I'm getting sucked into Babylon. :) I saw we meet up at a Beth Moore event sometime and stay up all night long in the hotel. Whaddya say??

Christa said...

We have a small health store like that up the road - the lady is pushing 100, but you can go in and spout off what is wrong with you and she will produce something that will take care of it. She is super sweet - we love her (she is just a little pricey) - you know, I should tell her I have Lupus and she what she says about that...


Caroline said...

I'm actually the one who got you started on this. Your welcome.

I have actually forgot to take mine the last week and feeling weak. IT is amazing what kind of "pep" that huge vitamin can give you.

Thanks for the reminder and I may see you there today. ;-)

emily said...

awww. A picture just for me?

(or do you have other van picture stalkers?)

Mega vitamins are what I need 'round here. pass the tip on friend. You just eluded to it. What's up with your withholding things from me lately?

KarenW said...

I think Beth Moore takes that same vitamin. She is so full of energy and enthusiasm. I love her Bible studies. I need to be more consistent with taking mine.