Saturday, January 5, 2008

HA! I guess when you use words like denarii and do a mini-review of Pompeii, it skyrockets your "Blog Readability". Oh, how this fickle test mocks me, though, because one use of a word like "peed" and your toast. Back to Jr. High. So, now I have to say something like "soliloquy" for maintenance purposes.
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Reformed Grits said...

BAHAHAH! Well, mine showed up as "Elementary School" but I'm not publicizing that!
I suppose I now need to go add in a commentary on pelagianism, infralapsarianism, or teleological arguments.
Yes, I had to go look all those words up.

KarenW said...

I always get Elementary School. Hmmmm. . . maybe I should blog about Pompeii too.

Caroline said...

I was worried because I got High School until I read REformed Grits now I just may scream it from the rafters. ;-)

javamamma said...

When I did this, my mamma's blog rated higher than my embrace blog. What the....

Sherry said...

My main blog got highschool. My homeschool blog got post-grad like yours. My book blog? Genius! haha

Do they actually look at anything or is it all just random? I find it hard to believe you'd need to be a genius to read my book blog! hahaha