Thursday, January 24, 2008

This week...

I have probably had 238 blog posts go through my head over the last week and a half, but no time to sit down and actually get them typed out. So, I will share with you the Reader's Digest version instead.
First, we have a new van (do the happy dance with me, will ya?) That, in and of itself, accounted for about 177 of those aforementioned posts. I wonder if anything ever goes off without a hitch in Westie World? The answer to that is a resounding....No. But who cares about all the gory details when the end is so much better, and that is, that we bagged an AMAZING deal on a 2007 Kia Sedona. God really came through, folks. He always does.
Next, we had SNOW in Sweet Home Alabama!! This is the first time it actually did it and stuck since we have been here (almost a decade). Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and I was ridiculously happy myself. It didn't hurt matters at all that we went to the Pinewood Derby that morning and I won FREE STARBUCKS. Does it get any better? I mean snow and Starbucks all in one blessedly blustery morning. I really thought I had gone home to Glory at one point.
The first part of the week completely stunk. It was a horrible time for our community and it was/is just so sad that it seemed to put a dark cloud over everyone. I will let you read about it here. Once you do that, please head here to listen to one of the most amazing things that you will ever hear (scroll to the bottom of the page). God is so good.
Everything I say after that will pale in comparison, but just to bring you up to speed, we had our mandatory homeschool meeting yesterday. Usually I dread them, but this year was different. I had everything ready on time and I was able to pull together some awesome field trips (one of the reasons I have been away from my computer). It was really nice to see everyone and I had a good hair day, to boot. Later, I carried myself and my cooperative hair to church where we started a new Beth Moore study. I am so excited! Just in case you didn't know this about me, I am a HUGE Beth Moore fan. Her studies have never ceased to bring me closer to the Lord, so I always start them with much anticipation for an awesome blessing.
Well, there you have it. Gayle's week in a nutshell. My next entry will probably be about big-mouthed bookstore cashiers or something, so stay tuned.
Hope that all of you have had a good week!


Cindy said...

Wow! I listened to all those videos and they are amazing. No question God will be using this family in mighty ways!!

I just started Stepping Up; is that the one you are doing? Wish we could be in it together- how fun would that be??

YEAH for the van! I AM doing the happy dance!! :) What color is it? So happy for you, sweet girl!

ConservaChick said...

I am doing the happy dance with you my friend. I bought a Kia last year and LOVE it! Great vehicle for the $.

So what Beth Moore study are you doing? I just finished up A Woman's Heart ad I'm starting Breaking Free. Good stuff!

Snow in Alabama? We have had a major cold streak here too! We are breaking all sorts of records for cold COLD weather. I know that those oceans are warming, but inland sure isn't. Poor Al Gore... he may be off on his Global Warming theory. What do you think?

Well, I'm off to go check out your links. I AM still on dial up (since you talked me out of satellite) so I might not be able to see them, but I'll try. ~K

EEEEMommy said...

Hooray for snow and a new van and Beth Moore Bible studies!!! I'd love to be in one myself! I'm more of a Precept girl, but I love to hear Bethie speak!!!

I'll be praying for the family you mentioned. How tragic! I'll have to take some time later to watch the videos.

Have a great weekend!

Stacey said...

Hi Gayle, I'm glad you came over to my place--and I see here you know Miss Karlie (Karlie still has dialup? Is that legal?) She's a treasure.

I'm glad you got a new van; I know well how stressful cars can be when they cease to be reliable. I'm coming up on that era sooner than later with my Explorer--and there's no room in the budget (okay we have no budget, but still...) for a new one in the near future!

I'm a confessed Beth Moore dropout--I've begun three studies and dropped out. I'd say I had to because of time constraints, but you're probably too smart for that. It is a goal of mine to finish a Beth Moore, homework and all, in my lifetime! xo

KarenW said...

Congrats on the new van! I'm doing a Beth Moore Study too - Stepping Up. We just started it and it's great.

Emily said...

I watched all the videos too. What an amazing family. Makes me think that I'm a wretch because I'd be pounding the floor in agony...not preaching the gospel.

And yeah for your van. You rarely take about your van?!