Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clean and Clear

I hate to possibly speak prematurely, but I am so amazed about this "discovery" that I just have to tell y'all about it.

First, a little background and a lesson in sunscreen: When I was a teenager, I actually had a decent complexion. I would only get the stray pimple here and there, but other than that, it really wasn't a struggle, thankfully. But (there's always a "but", huh?), when I was in my early 20's I went to the beach and I got a HORRIBLE sunburn on my face because I put nothing on it for prevention. I'm talking blisters and peeling and everything. It was really bad.

Ever since that little episode, I have battled my complexion. My sunburn may have only been one contributing factor though, because my hormones are some of the most whack things eh-ver. Nevertheless, the moral of the story is: protect your skin while you are in the sun!

Ok, so moving on..,

I have tried everything out there for skincare. Everything. Most things would make my face either overly oily or overly dry, but in the end, I would get the same result no matter what: breakout.

So when I read about THIS the other day, I thought, "yeah right, that has to be the most ridiculous thing you could possibly do". But hey, apparently "ridiculous" calls my name because I thought I would give it a shot.

The very basic premise of this method...The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)... is that oil dissolves oil. So by massaging a mixture of castor oil (naturally cleansing) and extra virgin olive oil (naturally moisturizing) into your pores, then steaming your face and wiping it off, you will deeply cleanse your skin, but not strip it of it's natural oils the way most purchased cleansers do.

When you strip your skin of it's natural oils, it automatically takes the cue to freak out and over-produce, and in sensitive skin like mine, it generally causes a breakout. So, when using OCM, the end result is supposed to be balanced oil production, clear and naturally moisturized skin.

Whatever. I'm no scientist, nor am I an aesthetician (however, I AM a beauty school dropout, but that's another post and has nothing to do with anything), but I CAN tell you that it has really worked! I don't usually hold my breath with these kind of things, but so far, I have exclusively used this on my face and neck for several days and my skin feels wonderful and is responding well. Since I can decide pretty firmly how things are going to work in a month's time, this is how long I have devoted to be sure it's all it's hyped up to be. I'll let you know, because I just KNOW you are sitting on the edge of your seat over it.

Sorry, nothing much is happening around here that's blogworthy, so this is what you're getting. And since you know how nosey I am, I want to know what you use on your face and if you have any problems with your skin (not just pimples) and what you do about it? Inquiring minds want to know.....


Emily said...

You do know that French women have used EVOO for many hundreds of years on their skin. I wager that you have struck something totally REAL. (cause goodness knows...there are enough FAKE info sites out there too.)

I don't believe that you don't have perfect skin. Looks perfect to me! My skin is very sensitive. If I put something harsh on it. RASH. If I get a sunburn....BAD. If I get a pimple and it's prematurely messed with....SCAR. My skin just wants to be left alone.

but don't take me away from my moisturizer. Can't handle that. NEED my moisturizer. need. it.

Gotta GROW with it said...

hey, if ya can't talk about zits with your sistas...then what's it worth blogging anyways? hee hee.

man do i feel your agony. it's in the blood, i'm convinced. my grandma still got zits when she was in her 70's. now how's that for a great heritage?! eek!

good luck to ya girl!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Well, I use Mary Kay. All of it. I've used it my whole life except for that little stint in college. I got too cheap and started buying stuff at Walmart. Those were not my best skin years.

My mom is a consultant, so she keeps me up to date on what I'm supposed to be doing. Every once in a while, she'll give me one of those critical once-overs and then bring me a bottle of something or other and say, "Here, you need this."

Um...OK. Thanks. I think.

Trista said...

My grandmother used Olive Oil on her hands after every bath or after every time she washed dishes. She had the softest hands ever.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this for a few weeks now and my skin is so much better than it was!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I must check this out! If I have been painting or staining (like the deck or something) using an oil based product, I always use vegetable oil to get the drips and spills off my hands. It works like a charm and isn't harsh like paint thinner would be. I massage the oil into my hands then wipe it off with a rag and follow up with a wash with good old dish soap. Of course this has nothing to do with your face but it is the same principle- I see the connection anyway :-)
I'll stop babbling now and go check out this website. I have a few oily skin problems I'd like to deal with...

Kent said...

I read about this the other day also. My skin is awful and has always been on the oily side so it scares me to think about putting oil on it. I may have to try it. Keep us updated.

Way More Homemade said...

Beauty school drop-out... go back to high school... Beauty school drop-out...

Sorry, I had a Grease moment while reading your post.

I read about this one day over at Bigmama. Interesting to know someone trying it. I may pass this one to my gf that's been battling the ol' complexion for a while.

I'm a dove girl. I have used Mary Kay for the longest, but recently in an effort to save some $ I have moved back to Dove which served me well my whole life prior to MK. I hate to "brag" but I do have a clear complexion and don't struggle with it at all. Believe you me... I know how blessed I am.


3girlsmom said...

I use Proactive and swear by it. I love the stuff. I've never had a problem with my skin until the blessed "after child hormones" attacked. Proactive cleared it right up. All 3 times.

Stacey said...

I'm going to pass this onto my son and see if this helps him, poor guy. He didn't inherit my skin, I think he got Jamee's, lol. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think Big Mama mentioned this in a post the other day. I have to say that I'm intrigued and am thinking of giving it a try when I run out of stuff... which may be a while, I just bought a whopping bottle of Cetaphil.

Caroline said...

I wouldn't lick your fingers afterwards!!

I missed you this week.


inspired said...

I stumbled over here from Trusting Daily and couldn't help but linger!

My daughters and I use coconut oil as a moisturizer. I love it. It doesn't take much. If you use too much it will just rub off instead of in!