Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Yard

Alrighty, let's discuss lawn care, shall we?

To be brutally honest, my grass is so horribly high right at the moment, that I am completely wigged out thinking that if our little dog (she's a shih-tzu) goes out the back door, we will never find her again.

Mark (our resident lawn guy) has been working crazed hours, and choosing to have awesome quality time with the Crew on the weekends, so he's been unable to do it. Unfortunately, that leaves moi. And since the heat index here in S.H.A. is 105 humid degrees, I think I can find a way to deal with looking like the butt of one of Jeff Foxworthy's jokes. Yes, y'all. It's THAT bad.

So, I want to know all about your yard keeping habits. Do you mow and all that, or is it your hubby, or someone else? How often does it get done? And is your yard large or small? DETAILS please. I love me some details!

Ours yard is actually very big and I would love to post pictures except that I have already posted my messy house, and me with a towel on my head very recently. I think it's time to chill a bit in the "keepin' it real" department. Because I obviously can't do that just a little bit... NO, I have to have a keepin' it real SHE-BANG, don't ya know. So no pics.

Ok, you're up!


Duckygirl said...

We have a pretty big yard (almost an acre?) and I mow with a regular mower not a rider. Fortunately it stays cool here most of the time :) No humidity! I would say it needs to be done about every 2-3 weeks. If I knew a teenage boy, I'd probably hire it out though.


EEEEMommy said...

We have almost an acre, and a riding lawn mower. It needs to be cut about once a week. My husband does it. Around here, most women cut their own lawns; they relish the "escape" on their riding lawn mowers. I was never permitted to cut the grass growing up. My mother insisted that ladies do not mow the grass. So I don't, even when it's just riding around on a mower. My friends all think I'm loopy.
Beyond the lawn care, there's still a tremendous amount of work to be done in our yard. I have a huge vegetable garden, another huge shade garden and several other garden areas. Ladylike or not I get my hands dirty often working in those areas, but once the humidity hits, they all get overgrown with weeds because I just can't handle the humidity.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I hate yard work. We have about 2.5 acres.

I've never mowed in my life.
Aren't I pathetic?

When we had a push mower, I didn't want to do the work. Now that we have a riding tractor, it scares me.

When I see my neighbor down the street who has cancer out mowing her yard, I feel about two inches tall. But do I go out and mow? No.

carrie said...

I have to mow because Charlie sneezes all over the place when he does it. This year we're letting the 10 yr old boy do it. Basically we have lots of grass in the front yard. It takes about 20 min. to mow.

The back is large, but weedy and rocky. here's a pic

Currently Charlie is digging up the rocks to plant grass. Strange, but true. And mowing uneven weeds is the worst!!

We have to mow the front once a week or it clogs the mower.

Did I give you enough details??

willblogforshoes said...

We have a very small yard (even more so since our backyard was dug up). Even so, the hubby is responsible for lawncare. Our yard is starting to look a little like a grassy green meadow, but as long as I'm not outside (which I AM SO NOT THESE DAYS), I don't care. We live in a very ugly house on a dead end street, so I'm like... who cares!

Is that bad?!

Leanne said...


We live smack-dab in the middle of a very small city.

We have a small front yard with a strip of grass outside the fence, close to the street. The front yard extends to the side of the house....

We have a backyard too with a huge place that was meant for RV parking, only we don't have an RV because we choose to eat instead of buy gas! So that grass area is small too.

My son will get out the weed wacker and use it on the grass because it looks nice after he does it...

And here's the kicker: we have an old fashioned push mower, and the blades have never been sharpened!

But my oldest daughter LOVES to mow our lawn, so we let her.

But yeah, weeds are a problem and it needs to be solved today. And my yard needs mowed today!

Sheesh, I didn't know I had that many words to say about my lawn and yard care!!!

But it's me, right? I can think up an essay about anything!!

There's your details!


Leanne said...

What I meant to say is that there's a huge long cement driveway next to the grass out back, kind of like a driveway for an RV.

Do you kind of get a picture??


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I've mowed once in my life. Back when Honey was a youth minister and gone 80% of the summer, we had 1/2 and acre. I mowed once so that he wouldn't have to do it during the approximately 36 hours he had between trips. Love made me do it.

I've never done it since. Sometimes I would call this guy that would mow our front yard for $25. That's the only part I cared about. No one could see the backyard, so why keep it mowed?

Now, we have a much smaller yard. Honey can mow it in about 20 minutes.

My brother, who is living with us at the moment, works for a lawn company, so he sneaks over and mows ours weekly for free. That's awesome.

I take care of the flower beds and vegetable garden. (We didn't plant a garden this year...) I fell in love with flower gardening the first summer I was a mom. It was a great escape for me.

That's our current situation. I guess when Uncle Bubba moves out or quits mowing for us, Honey will go back to doing it.

javamamma said...

Wow, everyone jumped on this one!~

We have about 3/4 acre I think. Mitch mows. Though I really do like to. And we even have a rider so I would really like to.

The kicker to all this is that we bought a crappy, used mower 2 summer's ago when we got our house and Mitch spends more time fixing it than mowing. (it takes less than an hour once the thing runs)

Oh, and we (he) needs to mow once every 5 to 7 days.

Gotta GROW with it said...

my hubby and i had a good laugh the other day when we realize he works his toosh off in the yard and i sit in the swing and point!

he "put" a new lawn in our back and is quite proud of himself. i think it borders on infatuation myself, but working outside...getting dirty has never been my idea of fun! too bad your boys aren't big enough yet! good luck.

Lora Lynn said...

Okay, I know it's tacky to post links to your own blog on someone else's blog, but this is just DETAILS like you requested. http://www.vitafamiliae.com/?p=467

That's how it worked when we lived in VA.

Now that we're in the hotland, hubs handles it all. Our yard is much smaller and he can push mow it and weed it in about an hour. Still hard to find time to do that, but at least it's not an all day event.

Distybug said...

Our yard is HUGE! Mr. Disty handles it most of the time because he's just a "dig in the dirt" kinda guy. It takes him two or three evenings a week or all day Sat. to keep it neat. AND MR.DISTY? OH HOW HE LOVES THE YARD TO BE NEAT. He really can't stand it to go for more than 6 days. I have cut the grass on occasion, but absolutely no edging, weeding etc. and we have a riding mower. It takes me about 1.5 hours to cut the whole thing

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayle-
I love Love LOVE to mow. It's not like the vacuum cleaner where anyone can interrupt me. When I mow everyone has to stay out of the way. "Safety first." Even when people call if I am vacuuming I am expected to answer the call but if I am mowing everyone knows that I am unavailable. It's a good thing for me.
We have several acres to keep down. Some my hubby bush hogs with a tractor and that gets done every 2 - 3 weeks. The yard is over an acre and gets mowed weekly or as needed. I live out in the country so no one would care but us and we do so we mow. However I don't care if it's green or brown. That never bothers me.

JenIG said...

mowing = another reason why we had kids.

just let it keep growing until your oldest hits 12 and then you're all set

DidiLyn said...

I vote for you posting a picture of your yard. Then I could say one of the following:
A) What?! That's not so bad. Look at THIS! and post a picture of my "yard."
B) Not say anything and just back slowly away.

C) Post the picture of me in my new jeans this morning...with a perfectly ginormous MUFFIN TOP all the way around. Just keepin' it real.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, we used to have a dirt yard, and now we are so happy to have grass that we can't complain. Except for the other night when my hubby mentioned getting a ride on lawnmower and I said that it seemed an unnecessary luxury. He crooked his eyebrow said "that's easy for you to say!" Lately, he does the mowing (he used to be gone fishing most of the summer and then it was my job)and is so precise in his straight lines. I am a mow around the circumference of the yard girl until you end up smack dab in the middle- I don't mind mowing, but I hate starting the lawnmower where my neighbours can see my grunting and pretending that I know EXACTLY why it won't start, and that I totally want it to choke and sputter 'cause I planned it that way.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

I never mow because it tends to cause me to crank out an F5 migraine. So, the hubs is the lawn guy.