Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time Wasting - Perfected

Guess what I'm doing? Ok, I'll just tell you. I am procrastinating. Can you believe it? I have never hidden this particular character trait of mine from you, my bloggy friends, so if you've been around for long, you probably aren't really surprised.

I am heading down the slippery slope to Overwhelmedville because I haven't used my time wisely and my deadlines are closing in on me. In more plain words: The noose is tightening and I am FREAKING out!

I thought about giving you my long (and have I mentioned *overwhelming* list), but who the heck needs to be bored to death while I sit here making that as my stomach twists into wicked knots? Not good for anybody involved.

The quick version is that I am teaching K-5 for co-op next year, and I haven't first thing planned. It starts in 3 weeks. I have to teach MY OWN CHILDREN (see, no one can accuse me of playing favorites), and I haven't really planned the first thing for that either. Also, I am in charge of putting together and facilitating and entire semester of field trips.....which is no surprise, since I have been doing this for a few years now.....but, you guessed it, I haven't even touched it yet. It has to be completed and presented in a pretty package by this time next week. I am hyper-ventilating.

I always pull it off and no one is any the wiser for it, but one of these days, I am going to have a heart-attack over the stress I place on myself. I just know it.

So if you see me around Bloggyville over the next few days....PLEASE, if you care for your self-inflicting friend.....kick my cyber tail. I MUST WORK. TODAY.

Later taters, and you know I love ya, right?


Lora Lynn said...

Hee. Good luck with all that!

Kent said...

Wow!! It makes my stomach ache just thinking about it! Good Luck!

Way More Homemade said...

blogger likes to eat my comments. It knows you shouldn't even be reading this right now... so STOP and get your hind parts into gear.

Consider your cyber tail kicked. Pray, organize, execute. that's the plan... now stick to it.

I may not know you well enough to talk to you like that, but it is said with love as I would say to one of my irl bff's.


Emily said...

you're a smart cookie, you'll be able to whip these deadlines and pull out something FAB. I believe in ya.

now stop reading and go thumb through your notebooks. :)

KarenW said...

You'll get it done and have some wonderful stories to blog about later. Have fun and don't stress. That's a message I need for myself!

ConservaChick said...

I have several looming deadlines too. Yet here I am blogging at midnight... instead of sleeping or chores. Will we never learn? ( ;

EEEEMommy said...

yeah, me too. List it all, I won't be bored!
I'm in charge of restructuring our homeschool group which includes getting a new Field Trip group off the ground as well as planning the Inspiration Nights for the year. And I hear you on the no planning for our homeschool year yet. Oh and there's the science co-op and the new girls' group and the.... Sigh!

At this moment, I should be either preparing for company, cooking dinner, or anything else other than posting this comment. But you're so sweet, how could I not comment? ;)

Monica said...

Come on you can do it, go Gayle go!

Caroline said...


I thought it was a high school class...

Of course, I would pick K-5 any day!!