Thursday, September 18, 2008

Idols and Followers

I have so much to do right now, so I think I will just sit here and blog because that's what responsible people do, right? Of course it is.

So I am reading this incredible book by Kelly Minter called No Other Gods and, man, is it spot-on. A bunch of girls were doing the Bible study version together online over the summer, and after reading all the awesome reviews, my interest was really piqued.

To give you a quick synopsis (and remember, I'm not even finished yet), the author talks about what she calls "functional gods" in our lives and how they wind up overtaking our worship to the One True God. Here is a great quote:

"For so much of my life, I worshipped God: showing up for church, singing hymns, working in the nursery, reading my Bible, confessing my belief in Him. Yet if you could have witnessed what I was controlled by, what motivated and moved me, you would have seen that in many cases it was not God at all, but my idols. Not carved images, but people, career paths, materialism, acceptance and more. God was getting my worship on some level, but my gods were getting my service."

Anybody's toes hurting? Mine are. Which is why I wanted to tell you about this book. Not because I want you to have need for a podiatrist, but because this book is SO GOOD. It is jammed up with sock-it-to-me like truths that are so very applicable to our day and age, but with ways to turn our hearts back to their rightful owner. The One who created them in the first place.

I'd love to hear thoughts from any of you who have already read it all the way through. I am hoping to have it finished by this weekend.

Now, let's switch gears so fast that our heads spin, shall we? Aw, c'mon...a little head spinnin' is good for the soul every now and then. Plus, I can't come up with a good segue. Ready?

Blogger has this new little gadget available that I am putting up on my sidebar to showcase all of you! So if you are willing to admit that you are my friend (and I understand if you aren't quite ready for that takes awhile), please click the link that says "follow this blog"...or something like that.

Thank you ever so much and I hope deeply that you are having a productive day unlike ------------->


Under the Florida Sun said...

Sounds like a GREAT book. Will have to keep my eye out for it! Thanks for the review and the honesty!!

DeeDee said...

I actually have the book and bought the bible study for the summer - but have not finished either one. Maybe I will at least pick the book back up and finish it with you.

P.S. I am going to the side-bar now :)

Donna@WayMoreHomemade said...

I can't wait to see what God reveals to you through NOG. My friend Keal and I did the study this summer and we both just wanted to jump right out of our seats and tackle Kelly Minter in S.A. In a good way. We both came to grips with some deeply seated idols in our lives. Things that we will struggle with our entire lives. Oh man... it's in your face revelation.


Duckygirl said...

Sounds like a good book, I'll have to check that one out!


Anonymous said...

I'm your friend :) I will have to put that on my blog too -- I wonder if anyone will be my friend? lol


3girlsmom said...

Hey - I'm following.
And No Other Gods was FANTASTIC. Like crazy good.

carrie said...

I need to read a book. Any book. But a particularly God centered one would be nice.

and I saw that little follower thing. I think you've inspired me to try it.

Emily said...

We all need our toes stepped on. Mine hurt. :)

Caroline said...

Hey! I hated being a shadowy person so I put a pic up. that this book all fits into the sermon series we have been privileged to hear. ;-)

Maybe HE is trying to tell me something.

KarenW said...

Sounds like a great book even if it does step on my toes!

Maria said...

I will add that book to my list!
I will also have to set up a blogger soon. That way when you come visit me we will already be friends. : )

Michelle said...

Yes, my toes hurt from just that one paragraph! Thanks for posting about it, gonna look into it since we are looking for a new study for our group at church.

I am so jealous of this little follower thingy! Love it! And I can't put it on my blog (i'm on wordpress)
Oh, well, off to follow you =P

Ruth said...

Hi! Gayle,
I want to read this book now. It sounds so good!! Not that I want a podiatrist either but...
I love the new look on your blog. I have a blog here on blogger now. I will have to figure out that little blog tool and follow your blog.
I loved your frog story. Too funny. My dog came to us one day with a frog in her mouth. YUCK!

Growin' with it! said...

"God was getting my worship on some level, but my gods were getting my service."

WHAMO! ouch...that hurt!

hey i've been trying to figure out that cute photo/twitter thingie..i'm off to fix mine up and then to find that book!

btw, i love it when you are distracted w/ bloggin'. how's that for an enabling friend?

EEEEMommy said...

Nothing productive about my day. That book sounds like a must read.
Thanks for sharing!

DidiLyn said...

I will find that book. Some girlfriends and I are doing a bible study together and this will be great. Thanks for the review. :-)
Oh, and I loved the picture of your boy on the trolley. I love those moments. They just tickle me.

Andrea said...

I was just talking to Penn about concerns on this very matter and I wasn't really getting through to him. Maybe we could both read the book or is it too girly???

VanderbiltWife said...

I worked on this Bible study with Kelly, and it is incredible. I think every women needs to do it (and probably every man, too). Such an important issue that is often ignored. Glad you are liking the book!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Great thoughts. So true. Sounds like a good book!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i've been thinking about this since you posted it. maybe it means i need to read the book.

Michelle Bentham said...

I'm trying to be productive, Gayle. I'm really trying... And I'm following your blog.

NOG is a great study - I did it this summer and loved it. Thank goodness you are the kind of leader I can follow,girl... You lead me straight to the heart of Christ.

The study is great. I will try to come back when I am not supposed to be doing something else.


Christine Lynn said...

I am so there...thanks for the great review here! I just finished reading "The Shack"... loved it... and was actually in search for the next read here. Now I need to get some house work done here!